Loretta Young

1913 - 2000

The actress Loretta Young grew up in an artistic talented family where her sisters Sally Blane and Polly Ann Young also became well-known actresses. 

Loretta Young began her film career already at the age of three with "Sweet Kitty Bellairs" (16), she played other children parts in "The Primrose Ring" (17), "Sirens of the Sea" (17) and "The Sheik" (21) at Rudolph Valentino's side.

After that followed an interruption of six years before she decided to look for her luck in the show business. She got a contract at First National (which merged later with Warner Bros.) and appeared in movies like "The Magnificent Flirt" (28), "The Squall" (29), "The Girl in the Glass Cage" (29), "The Careless Age" (29), "Loose Ankles" (30), "Kismet" (30), "Beau Ideal" (31), "Three Girls Lost" (31), "Platinum Blonde" (31) and "The Life of Jimmy Dolan" (33).

She succeeded without problems the transition from the silent movie era to the talkies and from a teenager to a woman. 
When Darryl F. Zanuck went to 20th Century Pictures in 1934 she followed him. Later they had an agument and Loretta Young worked for Fox and Columbia.

In the successful 30's she took part in well-known movies like "The House of Rothschild" (34), "Caravan" (34), "Shanghai" (35), "The Crusades" (35), "Ramona" (36), "Love Under Fire" (37), "Suez" (38) and "The Story of Alexander Graham Bell" (39).

The 40's was the last decade where she could make other great movies and she experienced some more heights in her career. Sie appeared in "The Lady from Cheyenne" (41), "Bedtime Story" (41), "A Night to Remember" (43), "Ladies Courageous" (44), "Along Came Jones" (45), Orson Welles' "The Stranger" (46) and finally "The Farmer's Daughter" (47), for which she got an Oscar. It followed "The Accused" (48) and "Come to the Stable" (49), for which she was nominated for an Oscar as well.

In the 50's she played only in few movies like "Key to the City" (50), "Cause for Alarm!" (51) and "It Happens Every Thursday" (53). She directed her attention to her own TV show "Letter to Loretta" (53).
Her last appearance was in "Lady in the Corner" (89).

Loretta Young was married four times, among others with costume designer Jean Louis. 

Other movies with Loretta Young: 
The Only Way (19) White and Unmarried (21) Naughty But Nice (27) Her Wild Oat (27) The Whip Woman (28) Laugh, Clown, Laugh (28) The Head Man (28) Scarlet Seas (28) Seven Footprints of Satan (29) Fast Life (29) The Forward Pass (29) The Show of Shows (29) The Man from Blankley's (30) The Second Floor Mystery (30) Road to Paradise (30) The Truth About Youth (30) The Devil to Pay! (30) The Right of Way (31) Too Young to Marry (31) Big Business Girl (31) I Like Your Nerve (31) The Ruling Voice (31) Taxi! (32) The Hatchet Man (32) Play-Girl (32) Week-end Marriage (32) Life Begins (32) They Call It Sin (32) Employees' Entrance (33) Grand Slam (33) Zoo in Budapest (33) Heroes for Sale (33) Midnight Mary (33) she Had to Say Yes (33) The Devil's in Love (33) Man's Castle (33) Born to Be Bad (34) Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back (34) The White Parade (34) Clive of India (35) The Call of the Wild (35) The Unguarded Hour (36) Private Number (36) Ladies in Love (36) Love Is News (37) Cafe Metropole (37) Wife, Doctor and Nurse (37) Second Honeymoon (37) Four Men and a Prayer (38) Three Blind Mice (38) Kentucky (38) Wife, Husband and Friend (39) Eternally Yours (39) The Doctor Takes a Wife (40) He Stayed for Breakfast (40) The Men in Her Life (41) China (43) And Now Tomorrow (44) The Perfect Marriage (46) The Bishop's Wife (47) Rachel and the Stranger (48) Mother Is a Freshman (49) Half Angel (51) Paula (52) Because of You (52) Serie "The New Loretta Young Show" (62) Christmas Eve (86)