Sally Blane

1910 - 1997

The actress Sally Blane was born as Elizabeth Jane Young and she was the sister of the actress Loretta Young. She had her first film appearance at the age of seven when she took part in „Sirens of the Sea“ (17). She returned to the film business as an adult in the 20's where she played small parts besides her work as an extra. To her silent movies belong „Wife Savers“ (28), „Her Summer Hero“ (28), „Fools for Luck“ (28), „King Cowboy“ (28), „Wolves of the City“ (29) and „Eyes of the Underworld“ (29).

Although Sally Blane as wel as Loretta Young were considered as so-called hopeful up-and-coming actresses, Sally Blane didn't decide on the tempting fame but worked as a freelance actress.

She appeared in the following years in many co-called low-budget-movies, among them „Once a Sinner“ (30), „A Dangerous Affair“ (30), „Arabian Knights“ (31), „The Star Witness“ (31), „The Spirit of Notre Dame“ (31), „Law of the Sea“ (32), „The Phantom Express“ (32), „Probation“ (32), „Night of Terror“ (33), „Trick for Trick“ (33), „City Limits“ (34), „Against the Law“ (34) and „This Is the Life“ (35). 

She got married to the actor and director Norman Foster in 1935 and gave nearly completely her work. Only few single appearances adorned her career. She was inquired by her sister in 1938 to take part together with her other sisters Polly Ann und Georgianna in the movie „The Story of Alexander Graham Bell“ (39).
This was the first time that Sally Blane acted as an adult at her sister Loretta Young's side.

After that Sally Blane appeared only in four more movies in small support roles - „Fighting Mad“ (39), „Charlie Chan at Treasure Island“ (39), „La Fuga“ (44) and „A Bullet for Joey“ (55).

Other movies with Sally Blane:
Casey at the Bat (27) Shootin' Irons (27) Dead Man's Curve (28) A Horseman of the Plains (28) The Vanishing Pioneer (28) Outlawed (29) The Very Idea (29) Half Marriage (29) The Show of Shows (29) Tha Vagabond Lover (29) Tanned Legs (29) Little Accident (30) Women Men Marry (31) Ten Cents a Danc e(31) Annabelle's Affairs (31) X Marks the Spot (31) Shanghaied Love (31) Good Sport (31) The Circus Show-Up (32) Local Bad Man (32) The Reckoning (32) Disorderly Conduct (32) Heritage of the Desert (32) Pride of the Legion (32) I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (32) Wild Horse Mesa (32) Forbidden Company (32) Escapade (32) Cross Examination (32) Hello, Everybody! (33) Advice to the Lovelorn (33) Mayfair Girl (33) Crime on the Hill (33) Half a Sinner (34) No More Women (34) She Had to Choose (34) Stolen Sweets (34) City Park (34) The Silver Streak (35) The Great Hospital Mystery (37) One Mile From Heaven (37) Angel's Holiday (37) Numbered Woman (38) Crashing Through Danger (38) Way Down South (39) serie "Letter to Loretta: O, My Aching Heart" (53)