Basil Sydney

1894 - 1968

The actor Basil Sydney devoted to the theater in the first place still he took part in over 50 movies during his career, among them some classics. 

He managed his breakthrough at the theater in 1915 with "Romance" (15) by Edward Sheldon. Five years later he launched his film career with the same play "Romance" (20). 

He directed his attention to the theater again in the next years, it followed only one silent movie more called "Red Hot Romance" (22). 
At the beginning of the 30's he reactivated his film career again and took part in many popular productions. 
To these movies belong "Dirty Work" (34), "The Tunnel" (35), "Accused" (36), "Crime Over London" (36), "The Big Blockade" (40), "Caesar and Cleopatra" (45) and "Hamlet" (48). 

In the 50's followed other well-known productions, among them "Treasure Island" (50), "Ivanhoe" (52), "Salome" (53), "Simba" (55), "Around the World in Eighty Days" (56), "John Paul Jones" (59), "The 3 Worlds of Gulliver" (60) and "The Hands of Orlac" (60). 

Basil Sydney was married with the actress Doris Keane

Other movies with Basil Sydney:
The Midshipmaid (32) The Third Clue (34) The White Lilac (35) The Riverside Murder (35) Blind Man's Bluff (36) The Amateur Gentleman (36) Rhodes of Africa (36) Talk of the Devil (36) Traitor's Gate (39) The Four Just Men (39) Shadowed Eyes (40) The Farmer's Wife (41) Spring Meeting (41) Ships with Wings (42) The Black Sheep of Whitehall (42) Next of Kin (42) Went the day Well? (42) Meet Me at Dawn (47) The Man Within (47) Jassy (47) The Angel with the Trumpet (50) The Magic Box (51) Serie "Douglas Fairbanks, jr. Presents: The Surgeon" (53) Three's Company (54) Hell Below Zero (54) Star of India (54) The Dam Busters (55) Serie "Producers' Showcase: Mayerling" (57) Island in the Sun (57) Sea Wife (57) A Question of Adultery (58) Serie "The Flying Doctor: The Model Marriage" (59) Serie "Armchair Theatre: The Break" (59) The Devil's Disciple (59) Maigret and the Lost Life (59) A Story of David (60) Serie "Drama 60-67: Drama '61: Local Incident" (61) Serie "Silent Evidence: The Chosen Instrument" (62) Serie "Suspense: The Survivors" (63) Serie "No Hiding Place: Why Baker Died" (64)