Anne Schaefer

Anne Schaefer

1870 - 1957

The actress Anne Schaefer belonged to the silent movie pioneers, her first appearance in front of the came came in 1909 with "The Grandmother" (09) into being.

She became one of the first American movies stars in the 10s and she impersonated roles in countless movies.
To these movies belong "Wages of War" (11), "The Willow Tree" (11), "Father and Son" (12), "Out of the Shadows" (12), "The Sea Maiden" (13), "The Sixth Commandment" (13), "The King's Man" (13), "The Brute" (14), "Johanna, the Barbarian" (14), "The Navajo Ring" (15), "The Siren" (15), "Bitter Sweet" (16), "Melissa of the Hills" (17), "The Demon" (18), "The Jungle Trail" (19) and "A Fighting Colleen" (19).

Her fame faded during the 20s and new stars replaced her on the big screen.
In the next years she took part in productions like "The City of Masks" (20), "The Wolverine" (21), "A Dangerous Game" (22), "The Heritage of Desert" (24), Three Hours" (27), "Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre" (27), "Wheel of Chance" (28) and "Prisoners" (29).

The sound film of the 30s heralded the definitive end of her film career and she only impersonated few more support roles in "Lilies of the Field" (30), "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town" (36), "Pennies from Heaven" (36) and "The Spider's Web" (38).

Her nieces Jane Novak ans Eva Novak became well-known actresses too. 

Other movies with Anne Schaefer:
The Long Skirt (11) The Second Honeymoon (11) The General's Daughter (11) The Prince and the Pumps (11) A Friendly Marriage (11) Beyond the Law (11) By Way of Mrs. Browning (11) A Southern Soldier's Sacrifice (11) The Voiceless Message (11) Testing His Courage (11) How Tommy Saved His Father (12) Willie's Sister (12) A Cowboy Damon and Pythias (12) How States Are Made (12) Sunset or Her Only Romance (12) The Craven (12) Sheriff Jim's Last Shot (12) The Triumph of Right (12) The Prayers of Manuelo (12) Her Brother (12) After Many Years (12) The Redemption of Red Rube (12) Her Spoiled Boy (12) Una of the Sierra (12) Omens of the Mesa (12) The Better Man (12) A Bit of Blue Ribbon (13) The Angel of the Desert (13) The Joke on Howling Wolf (13) Four Days (13) When the Desert Was Kind (13) According to Advice (13) A Matter of Matrimony (13) The Two Brothers (13) Bedelia Becomes a Lady (13) The Power That Rules (13) Cinders (13) What God Hath Joined Together (13) The Yellow Streak (13) Slim Driscoll, Samaritan (13) A Doll for the Baby (13) Anne of the Trails (13) The White Feather (13) At the Sign of the Lost Angel (13) Thieves (13) Sacrifice (13) The Uprising of Ann (13) Anne of the Golden Heart (14) How God Came to Sonny Boy (14) The Way to Heaven (14) A Little Madonna (14) Mareea the Half-Breed (14) The Mystery of the Hidden House (14) The Last Will (14) The Power to Forgive (14) His Wife and His Work (14) The Poor Folks' Boy (14) Mareea, the Foster Mother (14) Ann, the Blacksmith (14) Everything Against Him (14) Pure Gold (14) The Girl at Nolan's (15) Her Gethsemane (15) The Taming of Rita (15) The Chalice of Courage (15) The Valley of Humiliation (15) The Red Stephano (15) What Did He Whisper? (15) The Quest of the Widow (15) The Quarrel (15) A Scandal in Hickville (15) Willie Stayed Single (15) Through Troubled Waters (15) Barriers of Prejudice (15) The Ebony Casket (15) The Woman's Share (15) Ghosts and Flypaper (15) Cal Marvin's Wife (15) A Squared Account (16) Three Johns (16) Sin's Penaly (16) Some Chicken (16) Miss Adventure (16) The Cost of High Living (16) Her Loving Relations (16) Ashes (16) The Foxy Trotters (16) When It Rains, It Pours! (16) Through the Wall (16) The Mayor's Fall from Grace (16) The Mystery of Lake Lethe (17) Periwinkle (17) The Price of a Good Time (17) The Little Princess (17) Unclaimed Goods (18) Social Briars (18) The Ghost of Rosy Taylor (18) Impossible Susan (18) Her Moment (18) Johanna Enlists (18) The Weaker Vessel (19) The Solitary Sin (19) Cupid Forecloses (19) Six Feet Four (19) Over the Garden Wall (19) Pegeen (20) Mrs. Temple's Telegram (20) The Chorus Girl's Romance (20) Nobody's Kid (21) Ghost City (21) The Ordeal (22) The Man Unconquerable (22) Main Street (23) West of the Water Tower (23) Love's Wilderness (24) The Goose Hangs High (25) Marry Me (25) The Tower of Lies (25) The Devil Dancer (27) The Night Flyer (28) Saturday's Children (29) Smiling Irish Eyes (29) And So They Were Married (36) One Rainy Afternnoon (36)