Jane Novak

Photo: Albert Witzel (1879-1929)

1896 - 1990

The actress Jane Novak began her silent movie career already in 1915 where she appeared in many movies for Vitagraph.
Because her aunt Anne Schaefer already was a well-known actress at Vitagraph, the doors were open for Jane Novak.

she used the opportunitiy and became one of the popular actresses of the 10's with movies like "Just Nuts" (15), "The Scarlet Sin" (15), "The White Scar" (15), "The Target" (16), "The Innocent Sinner" (17), "The Tiger Man" (18), "String Beans" (18), "Man's Desire" (19) and "Wagon Tracks" (19).

She achieved the height of her career in the 20's and enchanted the audience with movies like "The Great Accident" (20), "The Barbarian" (21), "The Rosary" (22), "Belle of Alaska" (22), "Thelma" (22), "The Lullaby" (24), "Die Prinzessin und der Geiger" (25), "Whispering Canyon" (26), "Lost at Sea" (26) and "Closed Gates" (27). 

When the silent movie era was over, Jane Novak withdrew slowly. She only took part in two movies of the 30's - "Ghost Town" (36) and "Hollywood Boulevard" (36) - and in the 40's followed some appearances in the productions "Gallant Lady" (42), "Man of Courage" (43), "Desert Fury" (47) and "Paid in Full" (50).

Other movies with Jane Novak: 
From Italy's Shore (15) The Hungry Actors (15) A Little Brother of the Rich (15) The Greater Courage (15) Graft (15) Tainted Money (15) The Kiss of Dishonor (15) The Iron Hand (16) Eyes of the World (17) The Spirit of '76 (17) Selfish Yates (18) The Claws of the Hun (18) A A Nine O'Clock (18) The Temple of Dusk (18) Treat 'Em Rough (19) The Money Corral (19) The Fire Flingers (19) His Debt (19) Behind the Door (19) The Wolf (19) The River's End (20) Isobel or The Trail's End (20) The Golden Trail (20) Three Word Brand (21) Kazan (21) Roads of Destiny (21) The Other Woman (21) Colleen of the Pines (22) The Snowshoe Trail (22) The Soul of a Woman (22) Divorce (23) Jealous Husbands (23) The Man Life Passed By (23) Two Shall Be Born (24) The Prude's Fall (24) The Man Without a Heart (24) The Danger Signal (25) The Substitute Wife (25) The Lure of the Wild (25) Share and Share Alike (25) Lazybones (25) One Increasing Purpose (27) What Price Love! (27) Free Lips (28) Redskin (29) The Yanks Are Coming (42) The File on Thelma Jordon (49)