Eva Novak

1898 - 1988

The actress Eva Novak began her film career in 1917 with "Roped Into Scandal" (17), if followed movies like "Hearts and Flour" (17), "Vamping Reuben's Millions" (17) and "Double Dukes" (17) at the same year.

She immediately was accepted by the audience and became a demanded star. 
She took part in numerous movies in the next years, among them "Oh, Baby!" (18), "Pretty Babies" (18), "The King of the Kitchen" (18), "The Freckled Fish" (19), "In Bad All Around" (19) and "The Feud" (19).

In the 20s followed her last impressive appearances in front of the camera, often with the legendary Western star Tom Mix. He also taught her som stunts and Eva Novak was so talented that she soon was able to perform her own stunts personally in movies. 
She got married with the stuntman William Reed in 1921 and he convinced her to give up to perform her own stunts because of the danger.

To her most popular works of the 20s belong "The Daredevil" (20), "The Torrent" (21), "Society Secrets" (21), "Wolves of the North" (21), "Sky High" (22), "Chasing the Moon" (22), "Temptation" (23), "The Tiger's Claw" (23), "Boston Blackie" (23), "Missing Daughters" (24), "The Beautiful Sinner" (24), "The Fearless Lover" (25), "Irene" (26), "No Man's Gold" (26) and "Red Signals" (27).

At the end of the 20s she went together with her husband to Australia where she also appeared in few movies like "The Romance of Runnibede" (28).

When she returned to the USA the sound film has replaced the silent film for good and new stars pushed away the established faces. 
Eva Novak had to accept as well the her big time at movies was over. 
Still she continued her film career and impersonated support roles in movies like "Phantom of the Desert" (30), "Ride a Crooked Mile" (38), "The Topeka Terror" (45), "Night and Day" (46), "Robin Hood of Texas" (47), "Blackmail" (47), "I, Jane Doe" (48), "3 Godfathers" (48), "Sunset Blvd" (50) beside the legendary Gloria Swanson, "The Eddie Cantor Story" (53) and "Ride a Violent Mile" (57).

Her last appearances in front of the camera came into being in the 60s for cinema as well as for television.
To these productions belong "Sergeant Rutledge" (60), "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" (62), an episode of the serial "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Dark Pool" (63), "Wild Seed" (65) and an episode of the serial "Laredo: That's Noway, Thataway" (66).

Her sister Jane Novak became also a well-known movie actress.

Other movies with Eva Novak:
The Sing of the Cucumber (17) Street Cars and Carbuncles (17) A Nurse of an Aching Heart (17) Hula, Hula Hughie (17) Ash-Can Alley (18) Barbarous Plots (18) Pearls and Girls (18) Cooks and Crooks (18) Gowns and Girls (18) Fathers, Sons, and Chorus Girls (18) Her Movie Madness (18) The Blind Pig (18) Romance and Dynamite (18) The Belles of Liberty (18) Fools and Fires (18) Her Whirlwind Wedding (18) Nuts and Noodles (18) Work or Fight (18) A Kaiser There Was (19) A Skate at Sea (19) Let Dido Do It (19) All Jazzed Up (19) The Speed Maniac (19) Silk Husnbands and Calico Wives (20) Desert Love (20) Up in Mary's Attic (20) Wanted at Headquarters (20) The Testing Block (20) O'Malley of the Mounted (21) The Smart Sex (21) The Rough Diamond (21) The Last Trail (21) Trailin' (21) Up and Going (22) The Man from Hell's River (22) The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (22) Barriers of Folly (22) The Great Night (22) Making a Man (22) Dollar Devils (23) A Noise in Newboro (23) The Man Life Passed By (23) Safe Guarded (24) Listen Lester (24) Lure of the Yukon (24) A Fight for Honor (24) The Battling Fool (24) Racing for Life (24) The Fatal Mistake (24) Women First (24) Tainted Money (24) Laughing at Danger (24) The Triflers (24) Battling Mason (24) Sally (25) Northern Code (25) Say It with Babies (26) The Millionaire Policeman (26) The Dixie Flyer (26) 30 Below Zero (26) Duty's Reward (27) For the Term of His Natural Life (29) The Medicine Man (30) Dangerous Intrigue (36) Corpus Christi Bandits (45) Three's a Crows (45) The Fatal Witness (45) Apology for Murder (45) The Bells of St. Mary's (45) Honeymoon Blues (46) That Brennan Girl (46) Train to Alcatraz (48) Four Faces West (48) Hellfire (49) The Blonde Bandit (50) Women from Headquarters (50) Sunset in the West (50) Havana Rsoe (51) Tall Man Riding (55) How to Be Very, Very Popular (55) Dakota Incident (56) Runaway Daughters (56) Duel at Apache Wells (57) The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm (57) Serie "General Electric Theater: The Last Rodeo" (58)