Willard Mack

Willard Mack

1873 - 1934

The author and screenwriter Willard Mack was born as Charles McLaughlin. He came in contact with acting during his study at the Georgetown University via student plays. 
After his study he began as a support actor on different stages and used the pseudonym Willard Mack.

He soon found his real talent as a writer of plays. He had first successes with own plays at the theater and finally he made his Broadway debut in 1914 with one of his play where he also appeared as an actor. He became established as an author and there were more than 20 Broadway productions in the next years he wrote. In some of them he also took part as an actor. 

Willard Mack already wrote first scripts for movies from 1916, to his first movies belong "The Dragnet" (16), "The Saleslady" (16), "Nanette of the Wilds" (16), "A Woman Alone" (17), "Aladdin's Other Lamp" (17), "The Hell Cat" (18) and "Shadows" (19).

He continued his career successfully in the 20's both at the theater and in the film business, to his movies belong "Heritage" (20), "Tiger Rose" (23), "Little Robinson Crusoe" (24), "The Monster" (25), "The Dove" (27) and "Madame X" (29).
With his written movie "Voice of the City" (29) he also made his actor debut in a talky and directed also his first movie at the same time.

In the 30's he wrote scripts for "Olympia" (30), "Reducing" (31), "Sporting Blood" (31), "Billion Dollar Scandal" (33), "Night of Terror" (33) and "Nana" (34).

Willard Mack died at the age of 61 in 1934. He was married with the actresses Marjorie Rambeau and Pauline Frederick.

Other movies from Willard Mack (Screen Writing): 
The Lost Bridegroom (16) Her Maternal Right (16) All Man (16) A Gutter Magdalene (16) A Child of Mystery (16) The Woman Beneath (17) Kick In (17) The Grip of Love (17) The Highway of Hope (17) Yankee Pluck (17) A Wife's Suspicion (17) Who's Your Neighbor? (17) Go West, Young Man (18) The Wasp (18) The Witch Woman (18) One Week of Life (19) Blind Youth (20) The Valley of Doubt (20) The Common Sin (20) Kick In (22) Daring Love (24) Welcome Stranger (24) The Rag Man (25) Old Clothes (25) The Noose (28) Hangman's House (28) The Bookworm (28) Sharp Tools (28) His Glorious Night (29) Untamed (29) It's a Great Life (29) Tiger Rose (29) Monsieur Le Fox (30) Caught Short (30) Men of the North (30) Luigi La Volpa (31) Kick In (31) Girl of the Rio (32) Strictly Personal (33) Song of the Eagle (33) What Price Innocence? (33) Broadway to Hollywood (33) 

Wild Man for a Day (13) The Battle of Gettysburg (13) The Edge of the Abyss (15) Aloha Oe (15) The Corner (16) The Conqueror (16) Nanette of the Wilds (16) The Woman on the Index (19) Your Friend and Mine (23) What Price Innocence? (33) Disgraced! (33) Together We Live (34) 

What Price Innocence? (33) Broadway to Hollywood (33) Togehter We Live (35)