Pauline Frederick

Foto: Fred Hartsook (1876-1930)

1883 - 1938

The actress Pauline Frederick was born as Pauline Beatrice Libby in Boston, Massachusetts. She soon became raved about show business and dreamt of a muscial career.

But finally she found her real passion in acting and she made her first steps in this field with support of her manager Benjamin Teal. The name Pauline Frederick soon became a notion in the world of the theater and she had first successes on Broadway.

It was only a question of time till the film business offered her first engagements.
She made her film debut at the age of 32 with "The Eternal City" (15) and it followed two more successes in the same year with "Bella Donna" (15) and "Lydia Gilmore" (15).
She took part in other qualitative demanding movies in the next years. To these movies belong "The Woman in the Case" (16), "The Slave Island" (16), "Sapho" (17), "The Hungry Heart" (17), "Resurrection" (18), "Her Final Reckoning" (18), "Fedora" (18), "Out of the Shadow" (19) and "The Fear Woman" (19).

She continued her career in the 20's. Besides her greatest success with "Madame X" (20) she also took part in movies like "The Woman in Room 13" (20), "The Sting of the Lash" (21), "Roads of Destiny" (21), "The Glory of Clementina" (22), "Three Women" (24), "Devil's Island" (26), "The Nest" (27) and "Evidence" (29).

When the sound film arose it wasn't a problem for to handle this new challenge. She appeared on the big screen in the 30's too and impersonated roles in the movies "This Modern Age" (31), "Wayward" (32), "The Phantom of Crestwood" (32), "Ramona" (36) and "Thank You, Mr. Moto" (37).

Pauline Frederick was physical a little bit shaky and suffered from asthma. Finally she died in 1938 in Beverly Hills at the age of 55. She was married with the author Willard Mack.

Other movies with Pauline Frederick:
Sold (15) Zaza (15) The Spider (16) Audrey (16) The Moment Before (16) The World's Great Snare (16) Ashes of Embers (16) Nanette of the Wilds (16) The Slave Market (17) The Love That Lives (17) Sleeping Fires (17) Her Better Self (17) Double Corssed (17) Madame Jealousy (18) Mrs. Dane's Defense (18) La Tosca (18) A Daughter of the Old South (18)The Woman on the Index (19) Paid in Full (19) One Week of Life (19) The Peace of Roaring River (19) The Loves of Letty (19) Bonds of Love (19) The Paliser Case (20) A Slave of Vanity (20) The Mistress of Shenstone (21) Salvage (21) The Lure of Jade (21) Two Kinds of Women (22) The Woman Breed (22) Let Not Man Put Asunder (24) Married Flirts (24) Smouldering Fires (25) Her Honor, the Governor (26) Josselyn's Wife (26) Mumsie (27) On Trial (28) The Sacred Flame (29) Self Defense (32) The Social Register (34) My Marriage (35)