Ray June

Ray June

1895 - 1958

The cinematographer Ray June learnt his handcraft via an unusal way. He did not start his career as a cameraman in the film business but for the US Amry Signal Corps during World War I.
There he was busy as a cameraman most of the time which alleviated his entrance to the film business shortly afterwards.

He made his film debut with "The New Adventures of J. Rufus Wallingford" (15), it followed few more movies like "Patria" (17), "The Great White Trail" (17), "The Missionary" (18) and "The Eagle's Eye" (18).

His career as a cinematographer took concrete form in the 20s and he filmed numerous silent movies like "Penrod" (22), "Wandering Husbands" (24), "Cornered" (24), "The Phantom of the Forest" (26), "The Golden Web" (26), "The Final Extra" (27), "The Woman Who Did Not Care" (27), "Sumuru" (27), "The Siren" (27), "Midnight Life" (28), "Alibi" (29) and "The Locked Door" (29).

Ray June continued his career successfully in the 30s and became one of the best cinematographers. From the middle of the 30s to the end of his career he was responsible for the visual realisation for productions of Samuel Goldwyn and MGM which elated the audience with great pictures. 

To Ray June's well-known movies of the 30s belong "Indiscreet" (31), "Arrowsmith" (31) - Oscar nomination, "Horse Feathers" (32), "I Cover the Waterfront" (33), "Roman Scandals" (33), "Treasure Island" (34), "Barbary Coast" (35) - Oscar nomination, "The Great Ziegfeld" (36), "Espionage" (37), "Saratoga" (37), "Rich Man, Poor Girl" (38) and "Fast and Furious" (39).

The 40s were again evidence of the proficiency of Ray June and he realised movies like "The Man from Dakota" (40), "The Feminine Touch" (41), "I Married an Angel" (42), "Twice Blessed" (45), "The Hoodlum Saint" (46), "The Bride Goes Wild" (48) and "The Secret Garden" (49).

In his last decade as a cameraman he again got grateful engagements and he captured popular movies like "Shadow on the Wall" (50), "Strictly Dishonoralbe" (51), "It's a Big Country" (51), "A Slight Case of Larceny" (53), "The Court Jester" (55), "Funny Face" (57), "Gigi" (58) und "Houseboat" (58) on the big screen.
For "Funny Face" Ray June was nominated for an Oscar for the third time.

Other movies from Ray June:
Scrambled Wives (21) If Women Only Knew (21) Penrod and Sam (23) Boy of Mine (23) By Divine Right (24) Racing Luck (24) Missing Daughters (24) A Self-Made Failure (24) The Narrow Street (25) A Broadway Butterfly (25) Tracked in the Snow Country (25) One of the Bravest (25) The Shadow on the Wall (25) Shadow of the Law (26) The Unknown Soldier (26) The Sing of the Claw (26) Racing Blood (26) The Block Signal (26) King of the Pack (26) The Silent Power (26) Money to Burn (26) Heroes of the Night (27) Quarantined Rivals (27) Sinews of Steel (27) The Silent Avenger (27) Mountains of Manhattan (27) The Satin Woman (27) Through Thick and Thin (27) Blondes by Choice (27) The Opening Night (27) The Warning (27) Cross Breed (27) Companionate Marriage (28) The Man Higher Up (28) The Wife's Relations (28) So This Is Love? (28) A Woman's Way (28) The Sporting Age (28) The Desert Bride (28) Hellship Bronson (28) United States Smith (28) Through the Breakers (28) The River Woman (28) Times Square (29) New York Nights (29) Puttin' on the Ritz (30) The Eyes of the World (30) The Lottery Bride (30) The Bat Whispers (30) Reaching for the Moon (30) Bought (31) Corsair (31) Disorderly Conduct (32) Sinners in the Sun (32) Cynara (32) El ultimo varon sobre la Tierra (33) Secrets (33) When Ladies Meet (33) Another Language (33) The Women in His Life (33) Riptide (34) The Girl from Missouri (34) Hide-Out (34) Kid Millions (34) The Gay Bride (34) Vanessa: Her Love Story (35) China Seas (35) Riffraff (36) Wife vs. Secretary (36) Suzy (36) Born to Dance (36) Night Must Fall (37) Broadway Melody of 1938 (37) Live, Love and Learn (37) Test Pilot (38) Woman Against Woman (38) Vacation from Love (38) Honolulu (39) Lucky Night (39) Joy Scouts (39) Babes in Arms (39) Remember? (39) The Earl of Chicago (40) And One Was Beautiful (40) Strike Up the Band (40) Little Nellie Kelly (40) Ziegfeld Girl (41) Love Crazy (41) The Chocolate Soldier (41) H.M. Pulham; Esq. (41) Calling Dr. Gillespie (42) Cairo (42) Journey for Margaret (42) I Dood It (43) 3 Men in White (44) Marriage Is a Private Affair (44) Keep Your Powder Dry (45) Ziegfeld Follies (45) The Cockeyed Miracle (46) The Beginning or the End (47) Alias a Gentleman (48) Three Daring Daughters (48) A Southern Yankee (48) The Sun Comes Up (49) Nancy Goes to Rio (50) The Reformer and the Redhead (50) Crisis (50) Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone (50) Inside Straight (51) Callaway Went Thataway (51) Invitation (52) Just This Once (52) Sky Full of Moon (52) Above and Beyond (52) Sombrero (53) Code Two (53) Easy to Love (53) Light's Diamond Jubilee (54) This Is My Love (54) Day of Triumph (54) Hot Blood (56) The Seventh Sin (57)