Philip Gibbs

1877 - 1962

The author and screenwriter Philip Gibbs began his professional career as a journalist in for the Daily Chornicle where he published his first article - five years later followed his first published book called "Founders of the Empire".

In the next years followed responsible positions as an editor for the The Daily Mail and the Daily Express. But his attempt to found an own newspaper called "The Tribune" failed.

In 1909 was his novel "The Street of Adventure" released - a story which mixed reality and fiction. 

When World War I broke out he worked as a journalist at the Western Frontz and he belonge to the five official British journalists of World War I. 

It followed works as a war correspondent for the Daily Telegraph" and the Daily Chronicle and he wrote numerous articles about the war.
At the same time he found time to write more books which also dealt with the war, among them "The Soul of the War" (15) and "The Battle of the Somme" (17).

At the end of the war he was named "Sir" for his credits. 

He continued his career as an author and journalist after the war. Among others he realised the first journalistic interview with a pope.

When World War II broke out Philip Gibbs was again busy as a war correspondent, this time for the Daily Sketch. Later he worked for the U.S. Ministry for Information.

It followed other publications of books after the war like "The Pageant of the Years" (46).

The film business developd Philip Gibbs' work in 1921 when his book "The Street of Adventure" was filmed.
1925 followed his only screen writing for "Die Stadt der Versuchung" with Olga Tschechowa in the leading role.

Other film adaptions were "The Reckless Lady" (26) with Lois Moran and Ben Lyon, "High Steppers" (26) with Mary Astor and Lloyd Hughes, "Out of the Ruins" (28) with Richard Barthelmess, "Paradise" (28) with Betty Balfour, "Darkened Rooms" (29) with Evelyn Brent and Neil Hamilton as well as "Captured!" (33) with Leslie Howard and Douglas Fairbanks jr.