Janet Gaynor

1906 - 1984

The actress Janet Gaynor was born as Laura Gainor in Philadelphia. She went down into film history as the first actress who won an Oscar at all.

After high school she went to Hollywood with the intention of conquering the big screen. At the beginning she accepted each minor job and worked beside it in smallest part for comedies of Hal Roach.

When she acted at George O'Brien's side in the movie "The Johnstown Flood" (26), this was her breakthrough to a great career which lasted till the end of the 30's.
In the next years followed other great successes like "The Shamrock Handicap" (26), "The Blue Eagle" (26) and "Seventh Heaven" (27).

The German director F.W. Murnau was also impressed of the actress Janet Gaynor and engaged her for his movies "Sunrise" (27) and "Four Devils" (28).
She especially had huge success with the actor Charles Farrell as her partner in movies like "Street Angel" (28), "Lucky Star" (29) and "Sunny Side Up" (29).

In 1928 she got the first Oscar ever for the best leading roles in the movies "Street Angel", "Seventh Heaven" and "Sunrise".

When the movie began to talk and the sound called the tune, Janet Gaynor was able to continue her career without problems because of her wondervul voice. She convinced in "The Man Who Came Back" (31), "Daddy Long Legs" (31), "Delicious" (32), "State Fair" (33), "Carolina" (34), "The Farmer Takes a Wife" (35), "Small Town Girl" (36) and "A Star Is Born" (37) - for which she was nominated for an Oscar.

In spite of these successes she only appeared in two more movies - "Three Loves Has Nancy" (38) and "The Young in Heart" (38) - after that she retired from the film business.

She worked for the radio and television in the following years and only returned to the big screen in 1957 for a single appearance in "Bernadine" (57).

When Janet Gaynor was on the way in a car together with the actress Mary Martin in 1984, she had an accident. Mary Martin was injured, Janet Gaynor died of the following complications.

Other movies with Janet Gaynor:
The Midnight Kiss (26) The Return of Peter Grimm (26) Two Girls Wanted (27) Christina (29) High Society Blues (30) Merely Mary Ann (31) The First Year (32) Tess of the Storm Country (32) Adorable (33) Paddy the Next Best Thing (33) Change of Heart (34) Servants' Entrance (34) One More Spring (35) Ladies in Love (36) Serie "Medallion Theatre: Dear Cynthia" (53) Serie "Lux Video Theatre: Two Dozen Roses" (54) Serie "General Electric Theater: The Flying Wife" (59) Serie "The Love Boat: The Frugal Pair/Doc's Dismissal/The Girl Next Door" (81)