Charles Farrell

1901 - 1990

The actor Charles Farrell belonged together with the actress Janet Gaynor to the dream couples of the 20's and 30's. They played togehter in twelve movies.

Charles Farrell began at the theater and made his film debut with "The Cheat" (23), it followed the movies "The Golden Bed" (25) and "Wings of Youth" (25). After that one could see Charles Farrell in the movies "The Freshman" (25), "Clash of the Wolves" (25), "A Trip to Chinatown" and "Old Ironsides" (26), before he played at Janet Gaynor's side in 1927 for the first time. They enchanted the audience with other movies like "Street Angel" (28), "Lucky Star" (29), "Sunny Side Up" (29), "The Man Who Came Back" (31), "Merely Mary Ann" (31), "Delicious" (31), "The First Year" (32) and "Change of Heart" (34).

Besides Charles Farrell acted in many other movies in the 30's before he retired from the film business in 1941 because his gentle voice didn't fit very well to his hard-boiled parts.

To his well-known talkies belong "Princess and the Plumber" (30), "Heartbreak" (31), "Body and Soul" (31), "After Tomorrow" (32), "Fighting Youth" (35), "Forbidden Heaven" (35), "Night Journey" (38) and "The Deadly Game" (41).

He returned to the profession of an actor in 1952 for the TV serial "My Little Margie".

In later years he founded together with actor Ralph Bellamy the "Palm Springs Racquet Club" and he carried on the function of a mayor of Palm Springs.

Other movies with Charles Farrell: 
The Golden Bed (25) Wings of Youth (25) The Freshman (25) Clash of the Wolves (25) The Love Hour (25) Sandy (26) A Trip to Chinatown (26) Old Ironsides (26) Seventh Heaven (27) The Rough Riders (27) Street Angel (28) Fazil (28) The Red Dance (28) Lucky Star (29) The River (29) Sunny Side Up (29) Happy Days (30) City Girl (30) Liliom (30) Princess and the Plumber (30) Song of Soho (30) High Society Blues (30) The Man Who Came Back (31) Merely Mary Ann (31) Heartbreak (31) The Flying Fool (31) Delicious (31) Body and Soul (31) After Tomorrow (32) wild Girl (32) Tess of the Storm Country (32) The Spare Room (32) The First Year (32) Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men (33) The Stolen Necklace (33) Girl Without a Room (33) The Big Shakedown (34) Change of Heart (34) Fighting Youth (35) Two Hearts in Harmony (35) Forbidden Heaven (35) Trouble Ahead (36) Moonlight Sonata (37) Midnight Menace (37) The Flying Doctor (37) Flight to Fame (38) Just Around the Corner (38) Night Journey (38) Tail Spin (39) The Deadly Game (41) Serie "My Little Margie" (52) Serie "The Charloes Farrell Show" (56)