Theodore von Eltz

Foto: Jack Freulich (1878-1936)

1893 - 1964

The actor Theodore von Eltz began his acting career at the theater in New York, later followed appearances on Broadway, among others in the plays "Children of Earth" (15) and "The Old Lady Shows Her Medls" (17).

His feature predestined him for romantic heros in numerous silent movies. He made his screen debut in 1915 with "His Wife" (15).

In the 20s he soon became an established movie actor and he took part in productions like "Extravagance" (21), "The Speed Girl" (21), "Sherlock Brown" (22), "Manslaughter" (22), "The Woman with Four Faces" (23), "That French Lady" (24), "Locked Doors" (25), "White Fang"(25), "A Desperate Moment" (26), "The Sea Wolf" (26), "Perch of the Devil" (27), "Great Mail Robbery" (27), "Nothing to Wear" (29) and "The Four Feathers" (29).

In the sound film era of the 30s he often impersonated character figures in support roles and he played very different parts.

To his well-known movies of those years belong "The Arizona Kid" (30), "Kismet" (30), "Once a Lady" (31), "The Midnight Lady" (32), "The Eleventh Commandment" (33), "Bondage" (33), "Bright Eyes" (34), "Smart Girl" (35), "The Road to Glory" (36), "A Man Betrayed" (36), "Sea Devils" (37), "Topper" (37), "The Adventures of Marco Polo" (38), "Marie Antoinette" (38), "Pardon Our Nerve" (39) and "They Made Her a Spy" (39).

His roles became smaller from the 40s with few exceptions and his name was not mentioned in the credits partially.

Still he remained active as a movie and later TV actor till to the 50s. To his last movies belong "Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet" (40), "A Dispatch from Reuter's" (40), "The Son of Monte Cristo" (40), "A Shot in the Dark" (41), "Sergeant York" (41), "Quiet Please: Murder" (42), "Rhapsody in Blue" (45), "The Big Sleep" (46), "Raiders of the Seven Seas" (53) and "The Unholy Wife" (57).

Besides his appearances in front of the camera he was also active for the radio. Among others he spoke the role of "Papa Barbour" in the radio broadcasts "One Man's Family".

Theodore von Eltz was among others married with the screen writer Peggy Prior .

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