Vilma Banky

1898 - 1991

The actress Vilma Banky was born as Vilma Lonchit in Nagydorog, Hungary.

She began her film career in Europe where she played in Austria, Hungary and France between 1920 and 1925. To her European productions belong "Im letzten Augenblick" (20), "Galathea" (21), "A Halott szerelma - Das Auge des Toten" (22), "Das Bildnis" (23), "Das verbotene Land" (24) and "Soll man heiraten?" (25).

The year 1925 marked her breakthrough. Samuel Goldwyn offered her a contract for Hollywood and Vilma Banky seized the opportunity. She had the good fortune to have the legendary Rudolph Valentino as her partner in the movies "The Eagle" (25) and especially in "The Son of the Sheik" (26) - Valentino's last picture - with which she became a star in no time. Beside she she acted together with Ronald Colman.
To her other silent movies belong "The Winning of Barbara Worth" (26), "The Night of Love" (27), "The Magic Flame" (27) and "The Awakening" (28).

Vilma Banky got married with no less famous actor Rod La Rocque in 1927. The marriage was paid by Samuel Goldwyn and was considered to be one of the most extravagant weddings in Hollywood.

With the arise of the sound movie came her career to an end. Sie appeared in "This Is Heaven" (29) and "A Lady to Love" (30), after that she went to Germany with her husband Rod La Rocque where she took part in the movies "Die Sehnsucht jeder Frau" (30) and "Der Rebell" (32).

Other movies with Vilma Banky:
Veszelyben a pokol (21) Tavaszi szerelem (21) Schattenkinder des Glücks (22) Kauft Mariett-Aktien (22) Die letzte Stunde (24) der Zirkuskönig (24) Das schöne Abenteuer (24) The Dark Angel (25) The Night of Love (27) Die Dame von Paris (27) Two Lovers (28)