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Peter Wolff

Lichtbild aus "Der Hauptmann von Köpenick" 1931

1912 - 1977

The actor Peter Wolff grew up in an artistic environment. Both his father Martin Wolff and his half brohter Gerry Wolff were actors.

At the age of only 18 he made his film debut with „Revolte im Erziehungshaus“ (30), it followed other movies like „Ich geh' aus und Du bleibst da“ (31), „Seine Freundin Annette“ (31), „Die Schlacht von Bademünde“ (31), „Der brave Sünder“ (31), „Der Herr Bürovorsteher“ (31), „Der Hauptmann von Köpenick“ (31), „Geheimnis des blauen Zimmers“ (32), „Hände aus dem Dunkel“ (33) and „Rakoczy-Marsch“ (33).

When the National Socialists seized the power in Germany the young Peter Wolff emigrated to England. There he became an actor in the 40s using the pen name Victor Beaumont.

To his first English spoken movies belong „The Big Blockade (42), „Thunder Rock“ (42) and „Tomorrow We Live“ (43).

He went to the USA in the 50s where he not only acted in feature movies at the side of big stars but also in TV serials.
To his well-known works of the 50s and 60s belong „Man from Tangier“ (57), „Morning Call“ (57), „Mark of the Phoenix“ (58), an episode of the serial „The Third Man: The Tenth Symphony“ (59), „Sink the Bismarck“ (60), „The Guns of Navarone“ (61), „Freud“ (62), „Master Spy“ (63), „A Shot in the Dark“ (63), „Thunderball“ (65), an episode of the serial „The Saint: The Rhine Maiden“ (65), „The Quiller Memorandum“ (66), „The Night of the Generals“ (67), „Where Eagles Dare“ (68) and „The Assassination Bureau“ (69).

Victor Beaumont acted again in a German movie in 1967 in „Die gefrorenen Blitze“ (67).
From 1970 he was active as an actor in international as well as German productions.
To these movies belong „The Kremlin Letter“ (70), an episode of the serial „Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre: Castor und Pollux“ (70), „Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory“ (71), an episode of the serial „Der Kommissar: Traum eines Wahnsinnigen“ (72), „Gewissensentscheidung“ (72), an episode of the serial „Moonbase 3: Departure and Arrival“ (73), „Tod am Mississippi“ (74) and „Zwei Finger einer Hand“ (75).

Other movies with Peter Wolff/Victor Beaumont:
The First of the Few (42) The Next of Kin (42) We Dive at Dawn (43) Reach for the Sky (56) The Battle of the River Plate (56) The Mail Van Murder (57) Serie „The New Adventures of Charlie Chan: Death at High Tide (57) Serie „Television World Theatre: The Captain of Koepenick“ (58) Carve Her Name with Pride (58) I Was  Monty's Double (58) The Square Peg (58) Serie „Television Playwright: The Dard Side of the Earth“ (59) The Night We Dropped a Clanger (59) Serie „No Hiding Place: The Stalag Story“ (59) Serie „Interpol Calling: No Flowers for Onno“ (59) The Criminal (60) Shoot to Kill (60) Serie „Ghost Squad: Still Waters“ (61) The Password Is Courage (62) Des frissons partout (63) The Bay of St. Michel (63) Serie „Maupassant: War“ (63) The Train (64) The Heroes of Telemark (65) Serie „The Saint: Locate and Destroy (66) Serie „Court Martial: Where There Was No Echo“ (66) Serie „The Baron: Roundabout“ (67) The Naked Runner (67) Attack on the Iron Coast (68) Destiny of a Spy (69) Serie „Die Frau in Weiss“ (71) Serie „Dem Täter auf der Spur: Flugstunde“ (71) Serie „Hamburg Transit: Endstation Fuhlsbüttel“ (72) Serie „Butler Parker: Geschäft mit der Angst“ (72) Serie „Barlow at Large: Strays“ (73) Serie „Das Jahrhundert der Chirurgen: Die Krönung“ (73) Serie „Moonbase 3: Outsiders“ (73) Serie „Spy Trap: To Kill a Unicorn“ (75)