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Emil Wittig

1870 - 1928

The actor Emil Wittig began his stage career in 1892 and his engagements led him among others to Hanau, Lodz, Berlin, Danzig as well as Romania.
It followed a long lasting engagement at the theater in Gera where he remained busy for nearly ten years till 1914.

When he went to Berlin again he was able to enter the film business as well and he took part in his first movies "Das verschleierte Bild von Gross-Kleindorf" (13) and "Ein Sensationsprozess" (13).

In the next years followed other cinematical appearances in "Die Standuhr" (14), "Die Beichte einer Verurteilten" (15), "William Voss" (15) and "Der Schmuck der Herzogin" (16).

His last movies came in the silent movie era of the 20s into being with "Die goldene Pest" (21), "Das Geheimnis der sechs Spielkarten, 6. Teil: Herz Dame" (21), "Das Logierhaus für Gentleman" (22) and "Der alte Fritz, 2. Teil: Ausklang" (28).
Shortly after the end of his last movie Emil Wittig died in 1928 at the age of 58.

He was married with the singer Thekla Wittig. His son Siegfried Schürenberg became a well-known movie actor.

Other movies with Emil Wittig:
Leben um Leben (14) Hut Nr. E.W. 2106 V (15) Glaubensketten (16) Die alte Schere (16)