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Geza L. Weisz

1904 - 1944

The actor Geza L. Weisz attaioned a huge name recognition in the second half of the 20's with special comical roles.

He made his film debut in 1926, to his first movies belong "Die Abenteuer eines Zehnmarkscheines" (26), "Der Feldherrnhügel" (26), "Das Panzergewölbe" (26) and "Das süsse Mädel" (27).

In the next years he took part in other successful productions like "Der fröhliche Weinberg" (27), "Freiwild" (28) and "Flitterwochen" (28).

With the rise of the talkies his appearances on the big screen became rarer, to his last movies belong "Hokuspokus" (30) and "Der Tanzhusar" (31).

When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany Geza L. Weisz went to Holland in 1933 where he joined the cabaret "Ping-Pong". There he played together with Dora Gerzon and Kurt Egon Wolff auftrat.
After a trip to Switzerland in the same year the group returned to Holland again but Dora Gerzon was no longer part of the troup and "Ping-Pong" was not able to go on from the former successes.

Thereupon Geza L. Weisz founded a little literature agency in Amsterdam in 1935 and worked beside as a photographer and translator of books and articles. 

As an actor he remained active till 1938 when his son was born, especially at the theater.

When Germany also invaded Holland he and his wife hid but were Geza L. Weisz was arrested in 1943 because of his contact to the writer Hermann Krelaus who should had been a adherer of Leo Trotzki.
After his release he and his wife hid again but in August 1944 they were arrested again and they were brought to Westerbork. On September 3 followed the deportation to Auschwitz where Geza L. Weisz was killed on the day of arrival. His wife was brought from Auschwitz-Birkenau to Kratzau - she survived the imprisonment. 

Other movies with Geza L. Weisz:
Junges Blut (26) Schenk mir das Leben (26) Deutsche Frauen - deutsche Treue (27) Majestät schneidet Bubiköpfe (28)