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Flockina von Platen

1903 - 1984

The actress Flockina von Platen experienced at the beginning of the 30's a brief but successful film career.

She learnt the profession of an actress by Ilka Grüning and Lucie Höflich, two well-known theater and film actresses. 
However she already made her film debut as a teenager with the movie "Der Dolch der Malayen" (19) with Carl Auen and Bernhard Goetzke, after that followed an 12-year interruption.
In the meantime she acted at the theater, so on different stages in Berlin.

Her first movies of the 30's belonged to the big productions right away, among them "Die Pranke" (31), "Quick" (32), "Die Gräfin von Monte-Christo" (32) and "Strich durch die Rechnung" (32).

Her film appearances became more seldom in the next years, she only took part occasionally in movies.
Till the end of World War II she acted in movies like "Ein ganzer Kerl" (39), "Nanette" (40), "Kora Terry" (40), "Ohm Krüger" (41) and "Der grosse König" (42).
After the movie "Erzieherin gesucht" (45) she retired from the film business.

Other movies with Flockina von Platen:
Fräulein - Falsch verbunden (32) Was wissen denn Männer (33) Das Hofkonzert (36) Die kleine und die grosse Liebe (38) Heimatland (39) Was will Brigitte? (40)