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Rudolf Günther Wagner

1912 - 1980

The actor Rudolf Günther Wagner was active at the theater before he entered the film business in 1942. 

To his movies during World War II belong the productions "Die Nacht in Venedig" (42), "Fronttheater" (42) and "Grossstadtmelodie" (43).

Beside it he was also the head of the spokesman department of the Europe radio RIAS Berlin although he expressed himself critical against the Nazi regime. Among others he published information about secret monitors.

He continued his film career after the war for a short time with "Anonyme Briefe" (49) but it lasted 15 more years before he appeared in front of the camera regularly again - this time for TV productions.

To his well-known works for televion belong an episode of the serial "Das Kriminalgericht: Der Fall Nebe" (64), an episode of the serial "Der Stechlin: Der Stechlin" (75) and an episode of the serial "Ein Mann will nach oben: Der Start" (78).

Other movies with Rudolf Günther Wagner:
Fritze Bollmann wollte angeln (43) Eine kleine Sommermelodie (44) Einer fehlt beim Kurkonzert (68) Der unterbrochene Akt (70) Serie "Recht oder Unrecht: Der Fall Hetzel" (71) Serie "Lokaltermin: Mildernde Umstände" (73)