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Heinz Ullstein

1893 - 1973

The actor, producer, director and publisher Heinz Ullstein was born as the son of the publisher Louis-Ferdinand Ullstein.

He decided to become an actor and he made first experiences at different theaters in Berlin.

His first cinematical activity was as a producer of the movie "Die gestreckte Frau oder Das Geheimnis der Flickenkiste" (17). Later he also produced another movie with "Die Dame und ihr Friseur" (22). For this movie he was also responsible as a director and screenwriter.

He impersonated his only role in front of the camera in 1920 for "Menschen im Rausch" (20).

Finally he retired from the film business and he took over a position at the Ullstein publishing in 1925. Four years later he became a member of the directorate.
Because of his Jewish origin he got arrested in 1943. Thank to the interventin of his wife, the actress Aenne Ullstein, he got away from a deportation but had to spend his time as a forced laborer till the end of World War II.

After the war he was able to continue his career as a publisher and in 1953 followed the re-foundation of the Ullstein Verlag. Later the company was taken over by the Axel Springer AG where he remained active till 1971.

Heinz Ullstein campainged for depressed actors and journalists. Together with his wife he founded the "Aenne und Heinz Ullstein Fonds".