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Ilse Trautschold

Lichtbild aus "Mutter Krausens Fahrt ins Glück" 1929

1906 - 1991

The actress Ilse Trautschold came in touch with acting at an early age because her father Gustav Trautschold was an actor and director at the theater.

She got acting lessons at the Volksbühne Berlin when she was a teenager and she made her stage debut in 1921 at the age of 15.

After engagements on different German stages she concentrated to the cabaret from 1926, among others she was part of "Die Wespen" to which also Kurt Gerron and her later life partner Friedrich Gnass belonged and "Die Pille".

She got offered her first film role in 1929 for "Mutter Krausens Fahrt ins Glück" (29).

She was engaged regularly for support roles in the 30s in well-known productions like "Skandal um Eva" (30), "F.P. 1 antwortet nicht" (32) with Hans Albers, "Das Mädchen vom Moorhof" (35), "Der Favorit der Kaiserin" (36), "Zu neuen Ufern" (37) with Zarah Leander, "Wie einst im Mai" (38) and "Die barmherzige Lüge" (39).
Beside it she remained active at the theater and took part in many plays.

There were no more movies with Ilse Trautschold during World War II, only after the war she appeared again in front of the camera, first for DEFA productions, later also for movies in the Federal Republic of Germany. She also continued her career as a cabaret artist with "Die Insulaner" and acted at different theaters.
To her well-known movies of those years belong "Berliner Ballade" (48) with a thin Gert Fröbe, "Die Buntkarierten" (49), "Unser täglich Brot" (49), "Semmelweis - Retter der Mütter" (50), "Roman eines Frauenarztes" (54), "Das Sandmännchen" (55) playing her only leading role and "II-A in Berlin" (56).

To her last cinematical works belong "Der letzte Zeuge" (60), "Schloss Gripsholm" (63), "Auf der Kinsel" (77), "Possession" (81) and "Variation" (83).

For her contribution to the German film she was decorated with the Filmband in Gold in 1987. 

Other movies with Ilse Trautschold:
Tänzerinnen für Süd-Amerika gesucht (31) Ballhaus goldener Engel (32) Was gibt's Neues heut? (3) Die rosarote Brille (34) Schwarze Rosen (35) Schlussakkord (36) Psst, ich bin Tante Emma (37) Der Fünfzigmarkschein (38) Notgemeinschaft Hinterhaus (39) Der grüne Kaiser (39) Silvesternacht am Alexanderplatz (39) Der Biberpelz (49) Der Auftrag Höglers (50) Berlin im Lied (53) Ein Abend von Rias Berlin (53) Der König ist tot (59) Die Botschafterin (60) Serie "Meine Frau Susanne: Scherben bringen Glück" (63) Serie "Meine Frau Susanne: Die grosse Wäsche" (63) Dei Illusion der Möglichkeit (76) Serie Karschunke & Sohn: Frühlingsepidemie" (78)