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Gustav Trautschold

1871 - 1944

The actor Gustav Trautschold began his career at the theater in 1892 and he appeared on stage for the first time at the Stadttheater Schleswig. In the next years followed engagements in Hannover, Potsdam and Essen where he also realised first plays as a director.

Finally he came to Berlin in 1903 where he continued his stage career.
In Berlin he joined the film business in 1912 and he took part in the production "Wie sich der Kientopp rächt" (12). For this movie he was not only active as an actor but he also wrote the screenplay and was responsible as the director.

In the next years he took part in other silent movies like "Eine Liebesgabe" (15), "Schneider Wibbel" (20), "Das kalte Herz" (24), "Soll und Haben" (24), "Brennende Grenze" (27), "Der Herr der Nacht" (27), "Feme" (27) and "Der Fahnenträger von Sedan" (27).

His film career came to an end with the rise of the sound film. He only appeared in few short movies like "Tante Clementine" (36), "Ikaruskinder" (38) and "Drops wird Flieger" (38).

As a movie director he realised the productions "Hans ist schlau" (12), "Sein Autoliebchen" (12), "Ilse und ihre drei Freier" (13), "Bismarck" (14) and "Ostpreussen und sein Hindenburg" (17).

Gustav Trautschold died during a bombing in 1944. His daughter Ilse Trautschold became an actress too, his son Walter Trautschold became a caricaturist.

Other movies with Gustav Trautschold (Actor):
Ostpreussen und sein Hindenburg (17) Das Komödiantenkind (22) Die Hermannschlacht (24) Der Sieg der Jugend (27) Der König der Mittelstürmer (27)

Er ist nicht eifersüchtig (12) Der Knoten (12) Wer andern eine Grube gräbt (13) Ilses Verlobung (14)

Der Schein trügt (14)