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Lilly Towska

1902 - 1995

The actress Lilly Towska was a busy stage actress who also took part in some movies during her career.

She appeared on different stages in Germany, first in Berlin, later also in Cologne, Bonn and Aachen.

Her first movie was "Frauen für Golden Hill" (38) in which she impersonated the role of Barbara at the side of Hubert von Meyerinck, Kirsten Heiberg, Otto Gebühr and Viktor Staal.

Two years later followed her second movie with "Die unvollkommene Liebe" (40) with Willy Fritsch, Liane Haid and Gisela Uhlen.

But she remained focused to the theater where she was able to impersonate bigger roles compared to the film.

She only continued her career in front of the camera from 1960, mainly for television.
To these productions belong "Die erste Mrs. Selby" (60), "Der Fall Sacco und Vanzetti" (63), "Thomas More" (64) and the serial "Die Schlüssel" (65).

Her last movies came in the 70s into being, among them "Thomas Chatterton" (70), the serial "Lady Audleys Geheimnis" (78) and "Wege in der Nacht" (79).

Besides her activity as an actress she was also working as a dubbing actor and her voice could be heard in radio plays as well. 

Other movies with Lilly Towska:
Spanische Legende (61) Serie "Oben und unten" (60-61) Nebeneinander (64) Serie "Ein Mann namens Harry Brent" (68) Serie "Telerop 2009 – Es ist noch was zu retten: Fortschritt verboten" (74)