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Otto Tober

1882 - 1964


The cinematographer Otto Tober first learnt the profession of a photographer and he worked in this area till 1911.
Finally he decided to gain a foothold in the new arising film business and he made an education as a cinematographer. He made first experiences for the than very popular newsreels and during World War I he filmed many stories about war incidents.

When World War I came to an end Otto Tober was able to start his career in the movie business and he was the cinematographer for movies like "Der Tempelräuber" (19), "Gentleman-Gauner" (20) and "Das grosse Licht" (20).

During the 20s he was engaged for some popular movies, to his well-known works belong "Menschen von heute "(20), "Die Brüder Karamasoff" (21), "Kean" (21), "Der Schatz" (23), "Friedrich Schiller" (23), "Horrido" (24), "Fedora" (26), "Fahrendes Volk" (27) and "Sünde und Moral" (29).

At that time he often worked together with the director Carl Froelich.

During a stay in Asia and the resulting works "Die weisse Geisha" (24) and "Bushido, das eiserne Gesetz" (24) - together with Heinz karl Heiland - he developed his interest at documentaries.

With the rise of the sound film he turned to the documentary and he also filmed for the newsreels again like at the beginning of his film career.

During World War II he worked as a voluntary war correspondent and he filmed numerous newsreels as a cinematographer. After the war he dedicated to documentaries again before he retired from the professional environment.

Other movies from Otto Tober:
Moj (20) Die drei Tanten (21) Die verbotene Frucht (21) Baron Bunnys Erlebnisse (21) Der Wahn des Philipp Morris (21) Hapura, die tote Stadt (22) Die Frau im Doktorhut (22) Der Wetterwart (23) Der rote Reiter (23) Daisy (23) Nelly, die Braut ohne Mann (24) Der Maler und sein Modell (25) Der Mann im Sattel (25) Gewitter über Gottland (27) § 182 minderjährig (27) Der Neffe aus Amerika (27) Das Haus am Krögel (27) Herbstzeit am Rhein (28) Rennsymphonie (28) Zwei reparieren sich durch (32) Kampf um Norwegen (40)