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Mechthildis Thein

Foto:Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1888 - 1959

The actress Mechthildis Thein began her career at the theater where she appeared at the theater in Frankfurt among others.

When she joined the film business in 1916 she was able to launch a brief but successful film career.
To her first movies belong "Der Morphinist" (16) directed by Louis Ralph with Emil Jannings, again under the direction of Louis Ralph in "Passionels Tagebuch" (16) with Emil Jannings and especially the cinema serial "Homunculus" (16) directed by Otto Rippert. In this movies she impersonated the role of Margot at the side of Olaf Fönss and Theodor Loos.

Afterwards followed other silent movies - in some of them she impersonated the leading roles - like "Stein unter Steinen" (17) directed by Felix Basch with Paul Bildt, Emil Jannings and Max Gülstorff,  as Nelly Sand in "Der Rubin-Salamander" (18) with Bruno Decarli and Heinrich Schroth, the title role in "Jettchen Geberts Geschichte" (18) directed by Richard Oswald with Conrad Veidt and Max Gülstorff, the sequel of Jettchen Gebert "Henriette Jacoby" (18) with Conrad Veidt and Max Gülstorff and "Die schwache Stunde" (19) with Albert Bassermann.

Her film career came to an end in 1920 but before she left the silver screen she took part in two important productions - "Katharina die Grosse" (20) directed by and with Reinhold Schünzel, Ilka Grüning, Gertrud de Lalsky and Lucie Höflich - in this movie she played the role of princess Elisabeth Worontzow and "Gräfin Walewska" (20) directed by Otto Rippert with Hella Moja, Rudolf Lettinger and Anton Edthofer. In this production she impersonated the role of Mrs. von Czytkowska.

Other movies with Mechthildis Thein:
Furcht (17) Die Ratte (18) Der lebende Schatten (18)