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Otto Storm

Otto Storm
Foto: Ludwig Gutmann (1869-1943)

1874 - 1954

The actor Otto Storm was born as Otto Strejcek. 
After many years at the theater he played his first role as Count Alfons von Rehlen in front of the camera in the movie "Die Tragödie auf Schloss Rottersheim" (16), directed by Jacob and Luise Fleck.

It followed to other silent movies with "Das schwindende Herz" (17) with Madga Sonja and Carl Goetz as well as "Der Mann mit der Maske" (17) with Poldi Müller.

Afterwards he concentrated again to the theater and it lasted nearly 20 years till he made his comeback in the film business where he remained active with support roles till 1943.
To these productions belong "Die Leuchter des Kaisers" (36) directed by Regisseur Karl Hartl with Sybille Schmitz and Karl Ludwig Diehl, "Hannerl und ihre Liebhaber" (36) with Hans Moser and Olga Tschechowa, "Der Mann, von dem man spricht" (37) with Heinz Rühmann, Hans Moser and Theo Lingen and "Ich bin Sebastian Ott" (39) with Willi Forst, Gustav Diessl and Paul Hörbiger.

His last cinematical works came into being with "Der liebe Augustin" (40) directed by E. W. Emo and "Reisebekanntschaft" (43) with Hans Moser and Elfriede Datzig, again directed by Emo.

Other movies with Otto Storm:
Der König lächelt – Paris lacht (36) Das Frauenparadies (36) Ernte (36) Adresse unbekannt (38)