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Wladimir Sokoloff

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1889 - 1962

Wladimir Sokoloff - as his name let suppose - was born in Russia. He grew up at a German family and learnt there the German language. After the school he went back to Moscow and attended the theater school. 
He played from 1913 on different stages and became a very busy actor.

When he gave a guest performance in Berlin in 1923 he got offers for German stages. Finally he signed at Max Reinhardt - the road to film was only a stone's throw from here.

In the film he made is debut in "Die Abenteuer eines Zehnmarkscheines/K. 13513" (26) as Oscar Homolka. Wladimir Sokoloff was the ideal cast for easily remembered supporting roles. He demonstrated his skill in "Die Liebe der Jeanne Ney" (27), "Katharina Knie" (29) and "Die Herrin von Atlantis" (32).

In 1933 he emigrated to France and took part in the movies "Don Quichotte (33), "Napoléon Bonaparte" (34) and "Mayerling" (36). 
In 1937 he ended up in the USA where he played supporting roles full of characters in movie classics as "The Life of Emile Zola" (37), "Conquest/maria Walewska" (37), "For Whom the Bell Tolls" (43), "The Magnificent Seven" (60) and "Taras Bulba" (62).

Other movies with Wladimir Sokoloff:
Der Sohn der Hagar (27) Die weisse Sonate/Das Geheimnis der Villa Saxenburg (28) Sensation im Wintergarten (29) Das Schiff der verlorenen Menschen (29) Westfront 1918 (30) Moral um Mitternacht (30) Liebling der Götter (30) Das Flötenkonzert von Sans-souci (30) Abschied (30) Kismet (30) Niemandsland (31) Die Dreigroschenoper (31) Die heilige Flamme (31) Teilnehmer antwortet nicht (32) Strafsache von Geldern (32) Gehetzte Menschen (32) Du haut en bas (33) Dans les rues (33) Fürst Woronzeff (34) Lac aux dames (34) La vie est à nous - Das Leben gehört uns (36) Sous les yeux d'occident (36) Mister Flow  (36) Les bas-fonds - Nachtasyl (36) Expensive Husbands (37) Beg, Borrow or Steal (37) West of Shanghai/War Lord (37) Alcatraz Island (37) The Prisoner of Zenda (37) Tovarich (37) Ride a Crooked Mile (38) Pobeda/Mother and Sons/Victory (38) Blockade (38) Arsène Lupin Returns (38) The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse - Das Doppelleben des Dr. Clitterhouse (38) Spawn of the North - Raubfischer in Alaska (38) Sons of the Street (39) The Real Glory (39) Juarez (39) Comrade X (40) Love Crazy (41) Crossroads (42) Road to Morocco - Der Weg nach Marokko (42) Song of Russia (43) Mission to Moscow - Botschafter in Moskau (43) Mr. Lucky (43) Till We Meet Again (44) Passage to Marseille - Fahrkarte nach Marseille (44) The Conspirators - Der Ring der Verschworenen (44) A Royal Scandal - Skandal bei Hofe (45) Paris Underground (45) The Blonde From Brooklyn (45) Back to Bataan/The Invisible Army - Stahlgewitter (45) Scarlet Street - Strasse der Versuchung (45) Two Smart People (46) A Scandal in Paris/Thieves' Holiday - Ein eleganter Gauner (46) Cloak and Dagger - Im Geheimdienst (46) To the Ends of the Earth - Opium (48) The Baron of Arizona - Der Baron von Arizona (50) Macao (52) While the City Sleeps - Die Bestie (56) Sabu and the Magic Ring (57) The Monster from Green Hell (57) Istanbul (57) I Was a Teenage Werewolf - Der Tod hat schwarze Krallen (57) Twilight for the Gods - Hart am Wind (58) Man on a String/Ten Years a Counterspy - Gehimakte M (60) Cimarron (60) Beyond the Time Barrier/The War of 1995 (60) Mr. Sardonicus - Der unheimliche Mr. Sardonicus (61) Escape from Zahrain - Flucht aus Zahrain (61) 
Serie "Have Gun Will Travel: Helen of Abajnian" (57) Serie "Playhouse 90: For Whom the Bell Tolls" (59) Serie "The Alaskans: Peril at Caribou Crossing" (60) Serie "Zane Grey Theater: Knife of Hate" (60) Serie "The Untouchables: The Tommy Karpeles Story" (60) Serie "The Twilight Zone: The Mirror" (61) Serie "The Twilight Zone: The Gift" (62)