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Oscar Homolka

1898 - 1978

Oscar Homolka learnt his trade at the academy of music and performing arts between 1915 and 1917. After that he made his debut at the Komödienhaus Vienna. In spite of a performance he did complete drunken in Munich in 1924 - he staggered more over the stage than the spotlights and the famous critic Ihering wrote about this: It was the most impertinent entrance I have ever seen" - he became an engagement in Berlin. 

Already one year later he acted in his first movies. As a result of his expressive face he was predestined  to play scoundrel, pimps and the like very effective and enriched movies like "Die Abenteuer eines Zehnmarkscheins/K.13513" (26) and "Dirnentragödie" (27). Other famous silent movies were "Schinderhannes" (28) and "Die Rothausgasse" (28).

Although he didn't possess a polished pronunciation he could assert himself in the sound film era and continue to haunt. 

In 1935 Homolka emigrated to England and wrote his first name with "c" from now on. He played in Hitchcocks "Sabotage" (35) and had with it a good visiting card for his departure to the USA in 1937.
There he became a popular support actor in movies like "Seven Sinners" (40), "The Invisible Woman" (40), "The Seven Year Itch" (55) and "War and Peace" (56).
In 1948 he obtained an oscar nomination for his part in "I Remember Mama".

Oscar Homolka was married four times, e.g. with actress Grete Mosheim (1905-1986) and with the daughter of the Washington Post's publisher. 

Other movies with Oscar Homolka:
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