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Benno Smytt

1900 - 1975

The actor Benno Smytt began his film career in the silent movie era and he took part in several productions of the 20s.
To these movies belong "Das Geheimnis der Schrift" (24), "Vier Nächte einer schönen Frau" (24), "Die Puppe des Maharadscha" (24), "Die Rache der Pharaonen" (25) and "Küssen ist keine Sünd'" (26).

Afterwards he concentrated to his stage career and he not only appeared as a stage actor but also realised some plays as a director.
His theater engagements led him among others to Vienna and Zurich. He spent his most important time at the Volkstheater in Vienna where he worked for nearly 40 years till to the beginning of the 70s.

He continued his film career from 1936 and he appeared in few more movies in the next years like "Fräulein Lilli" (36), "Reisebekanntschaft" (42), "Der prämierte Leberfleck" (48) and "Das Kuckucksei" (49).

His last cinematical works came in the 50s and 60s into being with "Die Perle von Tokay" (54), "Kaisermanöver" (54), "Spionage" (55), "Zwei Herzen und ein Thron" (55), "Stützen der Gesellschaft" (62) and "Zwei ahnungslose Engel" (67).

Other movies with Benno Smytt:
Vagabonder i Wien (25) Gronkobings glade gavtyve (25) Ich hab' mich so an Dich gewöhnt (52) Valnocha, der Koch (62)