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Alf von Sivers

1907 - 1946

The actor Alf von Sivers was a stage actor in the first place, from the middle of the 30s he also took part in few movies.

His early intention to become an actor was not supported by his parents and so he first worked as a drama critic, afterwards he was a tutor. Finally his parents gave in and he was able to accept an engagement at the theater in Osnabrück. In the next years followed numerous engagements in Hamburg, Zürich, Frankfurt and Berlin.

His first movie was Erich Engel's „...nur ein Komödiant“ (35) playing the role of Mr. von Salis with Rudolf Forster, Christl Mardayn, Paul Wegener, Hans Moser, Grit Haid, Hilde von Stolz and Franz Schafheitling.

Afterwards he impersonated the pilot Sergius in „Rendezvous im Paradies“ (36) with Max Hansen, Georgia Lind, Annemarie Sörensen, Rolf von Nauckhoff, Lizzi Waldmüller and Adolf E. Licho.

It followed three short movies with „Die perfekte Sekretärin“ (37), „Das Wiener Modell“ (37) and „Kleine Nachtkomödie“ (37).

His last cinematical work came in 1938 into being under the drection of Wolfgang Liebeneiner for „Du und ich“ (38). In this movie he played the engineer Beier at the side of Brigitte Horney, Joachim Gottschalk, Paul Bildt, Heinz Welzel, Elsa Wagner, Karl Hannemann and Eduard Wenck.

Alf von Sivers died at the age of only 38 in 1946 by a road traffic accident. He was married with the dancer Aenne Frohmann.