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Rudolf Schildkraut

Picture Rudolf Schildkraut

1862 - 1930

The Jewish actor Rudolph Schildkraut was born in Konstantinopel (other sources mention Austria).

Rudolf Schildkraut adjoined a touring company at the age of 14 and later on he played on famous stages in Vienna.
He had his great breakthroug when he became an engagement at Max Reinhardt's theater in Berlin.

In 1911 - when Rudolf Schildkraut was asked to convert to the Christianity - he left Germany and went to the USA where he was able to continue his career.
But as an artist he was very disappointed of the USA and he returned to Germany.

The older Rudolf Schildkraut appeared in first movies from 1913. To his first movies belong "Der Shylock von Krakau" (13), "Ivan Koschula" (14), "Lache, Bajazzo" (14), "Dämon und Mensch" (15) as well as "Schlemihl" (15), in which his son Joseph Schildkraut made his film debut.

Thereafter Rudolf Schildkraut emigrated to the USA for good and he took part in other film productions, among them "His People" (25), "The King of Kings" (27), "The Main Event" (27) and "Christina" (29).

As before Rudolf Schildkraut became the most grateful roles at the theater where he always did his best. When he performed the play "God of Vengeance" on Broadway, he and the whole troupe were detentioned because of obscenity.

His son Joseph said about the acting ability of his father:
"None of his creation can be reduced to a simple formula because he reflected each character in all his complexity and conflicts."

Other movies with Rudolf Schildkraut:
Das achte Gebot - Du sollst nicht falsch Zeugnis reden wider deinen Nächsten (15) Das Wiegenlied (15) Der Narr des Schicksals (15) Das tanzende Herz (16) Der Glücksschneider (16) Gerechtigkeit (20) Young April (26) Pals in Paradise (26) The Country Doctor (27) A Harp in Hock/The Samaritan (27) Turkish Delight (27) A Ship Comes In (28)