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Martin Schmidhofer

1924 - 2018

The actor Martin Schmidhofer gained his first experience as an extra at the Munich National Theatre. He was able to launch a successful career as a youth actor at the end of the 30s and he worked with many well-known actors during these years.
After his film debut with "Frau Sixta" (38) with Franziska Kinz and Gustav Fröhlich he continued his film career with productions like "Der Edelweisskönig" (39) with Paul Richter and Hansi Knoteck, "Heimatland" (39) as the orphan Peterle, "Waldrausch" (39) by director Paul May, "Die kluge Schwiegermutter" (39) by Hans Deppe with Ida Wüst and Dieter Borsche, "Beates Flitterwoche" (40) with Paul Richter, "Links der Isar - rechts der Spree" (40) with Fritz Kampers and Leo Peukert and "Der laufende Berg" (41) with Paul Richter and Hansi Knoteck.
After that his film career was ended by World War II and he was called up for the Wehrmacht and deployed at the Eastern Front.
After the war he was able to continue his previously interrupted training at the Staatliche Fotofachschule in Munich and successfully completed it. He then worked as a portrait photographer for various studios and as a still photographer for films such as "König für eine Nacht" (46) and "Ehestreik" (53). In 1966 he became head of department at the photo department Krauss Maffei AG where he stayed for many years.

In film he was able to continue his career briefly from 1950 with supporting roles in Heimatfilmen like "Der Dorfmonarch" (50) with Joe Stöckel and Karin Hardt, "Heimatglocken" (52) with Albert Florath and "Der Klosterjäger" (53) by Harald Reinl.
He shot many of his movies with the duo Paul Richter/Hansi Knoteck.

He had to cope with a heavy blow of fate with the death of his brother, who perished in the Second World War.