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Léon Rains

1870 - 1954

The actor and singer Léon Rains was born in New York geboren where he appeared as a choirboy. Already in 1882 followed his stage debut in New York as well.

After his study at the National Conservatory in New York he went to Paris where he got singing lessons by Jacques Bouhy.

Later he returned to the USA where he began his professional career as a singer.

But finally he returned to Europe again and he appeared on stage in Dresden in 1899 where he remained active for the next 15 years.
He joined the film business in 1916 and he took part in about ten movies. Among others he impersonated the character of Joe Jenkins in several movies.

To his first movies belong "Kismet" (16), "Unheilbar" (17), "Der Mann mit den vier Füssen" (17), "Die Harvard Prämie" (17), "Die Gräfin Heyers" (17) and "Die Botschaft des Jean Battista" (17).

He played his last roles in front of the camera in 1918 for the productions "Die schwarze Kugel" (18) and "Der Star der grossen Oper" (18).

Finally he returned to the USA where he remained the rest of his life. He appeared again as a singer, beside it he also worked as a singing teacher.