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Hilde Müller

1902 - 1971

The child actress Hilde Müller was born as Hildegard Elisabeth Martha Müller in Berlin. Her father was the actor and singer Franz Müller. She made first acting experiences at the theater where she already was carried on stage as a baby. In 1910 she appeared in front of the camera for the first time for the movie "Ein Unglück in der Kinderstube" (10). In this movie she played together with her sister Lotte Müller.

Hilde Müller took part in other silent movies in the next years like "Friedel, der Geiger" (11), "Mütter, verzaget nicht" (11), Madame Potiphar" (11), "Briefkasten an den lieben Gott" (11), "Ein Lebenslied" (12), "Kasperl-Lotte" (13), "Ihr Unteroffizier" (14) and "Ein echt deutscher Sieg" (15).

Afterwards her film career diminished. She appeared in the movie "Die Schuld" (19) and at the beginning of the 20s came her last movies into being.
To these productions belong "Anna Boleyn" (20) with Henny Porten and "Der Gang durch die Hölle" (21).

Incorrectly, the actor Rolf Müller is listed as a brother, but is not related to Lotte and Hilde Müller. The two had a significantly older sister named Margarete Emma Antoine Olga Müller (1886-1908). She gave birth to a son named Rolf Müller in 1908; Margarete died at birth. This Rolf Müller is therefore the nephew of Lotte and Hilde Müller and was not active in the film.