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Grete Mosheim

Picture Grete Mosheim
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1905 - 1986

Grete Mosheim came by the theater at the age of 17 and was a member of "Deutsches Theater Berlin" from 1922 to 1931. Although her first appearances at the stage didn't receive positive criticism she became established by Max Reinhardt. 
During the next years she distinguished herself as a leading actress. She got married with actor Oscar Homolka, the marriage was dissolved in 1933.

In 1924 she played in a film for the first time in "Michael". The next nine years offered her interesting parts in important movies like "Der Geiger von Florenz" (26), "Feme" (27), "Die Rothausgasse" (28), "Dreyfus" (30) and "Yorck" (31).

In 1934 Grete Mosheim emigrated to England where could bear her living as an actress only very with difficulty because of her bad knowledge of languages. After the overcoming of this handicap she received more parts at English theaters.

She got married with industrialist Howard Gould in 1937 and they went to New York a year later. At his request she retired from the entertainment. 
But in 1941 she came back to the stage and belonged to the founders of the German-language ensemble "The Players from Abroad".

In Germany she made her entrance in 1952 and gave guest performances in different cities. However for the film itself she played no longer aside from individual TV appearances.

Other movies with Grete Mosheim:
Ein Lebenskünstler (25) Wir armen kleinen Mädchen (25) Junges Blut (26) Derby (26) Die Flammen lügen (26) Die Sporckschen Jäger (26) Faschingszauber (27) Primanerliebe (27) Arme kleine Sif (27) Das Erwachen des Weibes (27) Höhere Töchter (27) Frau Sorge (28) Die kleine Sklavin (28) Die Siebzehnjährigen (28) Cyankali (30) Arme, kleine Eva (31) Arm wie eine Kirchenmaus (31) Moral und Liebe (33) Dreht euch nicht um (62) Die Glasmenagerie (69) Serie "Der Kommissar: ...wie die Wölfe" (70) Underground and Emigrants (76) Moritz, lieber Moritz (78)