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Jean Moreau

1878 - 1952

The actor Jean Moreau was born as Giovanni Morovich in Sisak.
He took singing lessons and was able to gain a foothold as an opera singer, among others also in Berlin from 1906.
In Berlin he soon became also well-known as a chansonnier at the cabaret of Rudolf Nelson. It followed tours through the whole world.

His songs were very popular and he also recorded many songs in the next years.

He joined the film business in 1919 where he took part in some movies sporadically.
His first movie was "Flimmersterne" (19) where he played the role of the art painter Walter Holm at the side of Ewald Bach, Arthur Bergen, Paul Biensfeldt, Fritz Junkermann, Hans Junkermann and Friedrich Kühne.

He impersonated his last roles in front of the camera in the 20s.
To these works belong the role of the convict Erik Elevestadt in Ewald André Dupont's and Alfred Lind's movie "Alkohol" (20) with Emil Birron, Wilhelm Diegelmann, Ferry Siklas, Georg H. Schnell, Ernst Rückert and Hanni Weisse, as prince "Die Toten rächen sich selbst" (20) with Ludwig Trautmann and Ly Neumann and finally Johannes Guter's "Zwei unterm Himmelszelt" (27) as Counsellor of Health Dr. Grauvogel at the side of Margarete Schlegel, Ernst Deutsch, Jean Angelo, Leo Peukert, Margit Barnay, Jaro Fürth, Trude Hesterberger, Albert Florath and Hugo Flink.

His career came to an abrupt end when he suffered a stroke in 1926. Afterwards he was no longer able to perform on stage or in movies. He became active as a singing teacher but had to live in poverty at the end of his life.