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Marietta Millner

Marietta Millner
Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1894 - 1929

The actress Marietta Millner was born as Maria Anna Paula Bieberhöfer in Linz. 

Although she was already over 30 years old she was able to make her film debut in 1925 with "Das Spielzeug von Paris" (25), directed by Michael Curtiz. 

In the following year she took part beside the very popular comic duo Pat & Patachon in the movie "Pat und Patachon als Schwiegersöhne" (26). 

Her breakthrough followed in 1927 and it became her most successful year in which she became established as a demanded film actress. To her popular movies in Germany belong "Die Frau ohne Namen" (27) playing the role of Vivian Ried with Elga Brink, Jack Trevor, Georg Alexander, Stewart Rome and Paul Biensfeldt, "Die Insel der verbotenen Küsse" (27) with Georg Alexander, Henry Bender, Elga Brink, Margarete Kupfer, Stewart Rome and Jack Trevor, "Liebe im Rausch" (27) with Elga Brink, Stewart Rome, Georg Alexander, Frida Richard, Nien Soen Ling and Jack Trevor as well as "Die Jagd nach der Braut" (27) with Georg Alexander, Paul Otto, Stewart Rome, Eugen Burg and Jack Trevor. All four movies were directed by Georg Jacoby. 

In the same year she went to the USA where she was signed by Paramount and she impersonated roles besides some US stars. 
To these productions belong "Drums of the Desert" (27) with Warner Baxter, "We're All Gamblers" (27) with Thomas Meighan, "The City Gone Wild" (27) with Thomas Meighan and Louise Brooks and in the role of Fifi in the comedy "The Magnificent Flirt" (28) with Florence Vidor, Loretta Young and Ned Sparks. 

Afterwards she returned to Germany where her last movies came into being. She acted in "Moderne Piraten" (28) with Jack Trevor, Sig Arno and Max Maximilian, "Der Zarewitsch" (29) with Paul Heideman, Paul Otto, Ivan Petrovich and Albert Steinrück and finally "Adieu Mascotte/Das Modell vom Montparnasse" (29) with Lilian Harvey, Igo Sym, Harry Halm, Julius Falkenstein, Hubert von Meyerinck and Oskar Sima. 

On June 26, 1929, Marietta Millner died unexpectedly of tuberculosis or hemorrhage at the age of only 34.

Other movies with Marietta Millner:
Das Spielzeug von Paris (25) Pat und Patachon als Schwiegersöhne (26) Die Frau ohne Namen (27) Die Insel der verbotenen Küsse (27) Liebe im Rausch (27) Die Jagd nach der Braut (27) Drums of the Desert (27) We're All Gamblers (27) The City Gone Wild (27) The Magnificent Flirt (28) Moderne Piraten (28) Der Zarewitsch (29) Adieu Mascotte / Das Modell vom Montpanasse (29)