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Leo Lasko

1885 - 1949

The director Leo Lasko was born as Leo Schlamme in Hamburg.

After a study for engineering he went to a touring company where he learnt the ability of acting. It followed engagements at theaters of smaller cities and finally he appeared on stage in Erfurt, Leipzig and Amsterdam.

When he got an engagement in Berlin where he also appeared as singer he was able to join the film business.
He already realised his first movie as a director in 1914 with "Zum verliebten Kadadu" (14) but his real film career began after World War I.

After movies like "Die Sünderin" (19), "Die Pantherbraut" (19) and "Der Dolch das Malayen" (19) he was able to assert himself as movie director in the 20s too.
In those years he also shot several movies with the popular western actor Eddy Polo.
To Leo Lasko's movies of the 20s as a director belong "Mascotte" (20), "Va banque" (20), "Der Sträfling von Cayenne" (21), "James Morres" (21), "Menschen am Meer" (25), "Eddy Polo im Wespennest" (28) and "Der gefesselte Polo" (28).

To some of his movies he also wrote the screenplay and he even appeared in front of the camera as an actor occasionally like in "Jan Vermeulen, der Müller aus Flandern" (17) and "Keimendes Leben" (18).

In the sound film era of the 30s he only could realise few more movies as a director. To these works belong "Scapa Flow" (30), "Die Frau - Die Nachtigall" (31) and "Nacht der Versuchung" (32).

His professional career ended with the rise of the National Socialism. Because he was not an Aryan he had to emigrate to London in 1936 where he built up a new pillar as a producer of hair tinting lotion.

His son was the well-known art historian Peter Lasko.

Other movies from Leo Lasko (Director):
Der lustige Ehemann (19) Der heulened Wolf (19) Der Nebenbuhler (20) Das rosa Trikot (20) Indische Rache (20) Die Frau ohne Seele (20) Lebenshunger (20) Auri Sacra Fames (20) Tamburin und Castagnetten (20) Satansketten (21) Das begrabene Ich (21) Pariserinnen (21) Der Weltkrieg (27) Hände hoch, hier Eddy Polo (28)

Nach dem Opernball (18) Dem Licht entgegen (18) Vendetta (19) Schneider Wibbel (20) Der Sträfling von Cayenne (21) Der Totenklaus (21) Pariserinnen (28) Scapa Flow (30) Das Land des Lächelns (30) Schuberts Frühlingstraum (31) Nacht der Versuchung (32) Es war einmal ein Musikus (33)