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Artur Landsberger

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1876 - 1933

The author and screenwriter Artur Landsberger studied law and during these studies he founded the magazine "Der Morgen". To the co-founders also belonged Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal.

He was able to publish his first novel in 1910 with "Wie Hilde Simon mit Gott und dem Teufel kämpfte" (10) and already reached a huge readership.
Quickened by success he wrote numerouos other books in the next years and he became one of the most read authors in Germany.
to his novels belong "Moral" (11), "Lu, die Kokotte" (12), "Um den Sohn" (14), "Hass" (15), "Lache, Bajazzo" (16), "Die Prinzessin vom Nil" (16), "Der Fall Hirn" (18), "Wie Satan starb" (19), "Miss Rockefeller filmt" (20), "Das Blut" (21), "Elisabeth" (22) and "Gott Satan oder das Ende des Christentums" (23).

His fortune he gathered from his books went lost in 1923 because of the inflation and he had to start from the beginning again in terms of money.
He worked as a film reviewer and legal correspondent for different newspapers.
But he also wrote new novels, among them "Villa im Tiergarten" (24), "Berlin ohne Juden" (25), "Emil" (26), "Bankhaus Reichenbach" (28), "Die Unterwelt von Berlin" (29), "Die Reichen" (30), "Einbruch" (30) and "Mensch und Richter" (31).

When Artur Landsberger wrote first plays for the theater from 1912 he also realised his first screenplay for the movie "Gottheit Weib" (13).
In the next years he wrote many other screenplays like "Pension Lampel" (15), "Zofenstreiche" (15), "Fritzis toller Einfall" (16), "Lache Bajazzo" (17), "Puppchen" (18) and "Lu, die Kokotte" (19).
Some of these screenplays were based on his own books.

He continued his career as a screenwriter in the 20s with "Moral" (20), "Wie Satan starb" (20), "Menschen im Rausch" (20), "Um den Sohn" (21), "Die Geheimnisse von Berlin" (21), "Die vom anderen Ufer" (26), "Die Villa im Tiergarten" (27), "Einbruch" (27) as well as "Einbruch im Bankhaus Reichenbach" (30) - his only sound film.

With the rise of the National Socialists Artur Landsberger came to the fore of the new rulers because of his works and because he was a Jew. He committed suicide in 1933 by an overdose of Veronal.

Other movies from Artur Landsberger (Writer):
Die Perle (14) Doch die Liebe fand den Weg (15) Der Weg zum Reichtum (16) Der Fall Hirn (17) Treue (18) Niemand weiss es (20) Liebestaumel (21) Im Strudel der Grossstadt (21) Das Blut (22)

Im Strudel der Grossstadt (21) Das Blut (22)

Im Strudel der Grossstadt (21)