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Walter Kolm-Veltée

1910 - 1999

The director and screenwriter Walter Kolm-Veltée was born into a film enthusiastic family. His father Gustav Anton Kolm belonged to the Austrian film pionieers and his mother Luise Kolm was a well-known movie director.

Therefore he was able to made his film debut at the age of seven as an actor in "Walters Geburtstagsgeschenk" (17). It was his only appearance in front of the camera.

Later he got an education as a cinematographer and he learnt the cinematical handcraft at the company "Tobis".
Finally he took part in the realisation of the movie "Liebe bei Hof" (33) as a director assistant of Luise Kolm and Jakob Fleck.

From 1933 he realised his first movies as a director with "Unser Kaiser" (33), "Der Wilderer vom Egerland" (34) and "Csardas" (35).

Afterwards his film career came to an end for the time being and it lasted till to the end of World War II before he was able to continue his film career.
As a director he shot the productions "Eroica" (49), "Franz Schubert" (53), "Don Giovanni" and "Auch Männer sind keine Engel" (59).
Beside it he also wrote few screenplays for "Eroica" (49), "Franz Schubert" (53), "Don Giovanni" (55) and "Panoptikum 59" (59).

Other movies from Walter Kolm-Veltée (Director): 
Wiener Luft – B. ...aber lieb sind sie doch! (58) Panoptikum 59 (59)

Eroica (49) Marienlegende (51) Der goldene Brunnen (51) Prometheus (52) Don Giovanni (55)

Don Giovanni (55)