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Anton Kolm

Anton Kolm

1865 - 1922

The photographer and film producer Anton Kolm belongs together with Jacob Fleck and his wife Anna Kolm to the founders of the Austrian film business.

He already realised first short movies in 1906 and with "Von Stufe zu Stufe" (08) followed the first public showing and is regarded as the birth of the Austrian film.

Two years later he founded together with his wife and Jacob Fleck the "Erste österreichische Kinofilms-Industrie", renamed to "Wiener Kunstfilm-Industrie" in 1911.

His role in the film business was expecially the financial part whereas his wife took over the art direction.
To his productions belong "Der Müller und sein Kind" (11), "Mit Herz und Hand fürs Vaterland" (15), "Die Jüdin" (18), "Die Ahnfrau" (19) and "Der tanzende Tod" (20).

Besides has financial activity he also realised two movies as a director with "Hoffmanns Erzählungen" (11) and "Trilby" (12).

After his death in 1922 his wife Luise Kolm got married with the director Jacob Fleck and was well-known under her new name Luise Fleck from now on.

Other movies from Anton Kolm: 
Sommeridylle (16) Mir kommt keiner aus (17) Der ledige Hof (19) Die Zauberin am Stein (19) Winterstürme (20)