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Carl Junghans

Carl Junghans

1897 - 1984

The director and screenwriter Carl Junghans served in the army during World War I before he was released because of a back injury.
So he began a musical eduction and took acting lessons.

From 1921 he worked at the theater, he also wrote some plays which were performed among others in Dresden and Berlin.

After he played smallest roles in some silent movies he worked as a journalist and he wrote poems and movie critics.

He was political engagend for the KPD and he made first cinematical experiences as a filmmaker for Prometheus Film.
Finally he realised his first movies as a director both in Germany and Czechoslovakia.
To these productions belong "Takovy je zivot" (30), "Fliehende Schatten" (32), "Jugend der Welt" (36), "Die grosse Zeit" (38) and "Altes Herz geht auf die Reise" (38).

As a screenwriter he wrote the movies "Takovy je zivot" (30), "Fliehende Schatten" (32), "Krach im Hinterhaus" (35), the Karl-May filming "Durch die Wüste" (36) and "Altes Herz geht auf die Reise" (38).

Moveover he was a cinematographer for "Olympia, 1. Teil: Fest der Völker" (38) directed by Leni Riefenstahl.

Carl Junghans left Germany during World War II and he came via Paris and Casablanca to the USA.

There he became established as a photographer, he also directed two more movies called "Monuments of the Past" (46) and "River Goddesses" (52) which were located in the Monument Valley.

He returned to Germany in 1963 but did not realise any other movies.

Other movies from Carl Junghans (Director):
Zivot tece dalje (33) A zivot jde dal (35) Die Geissel der Welt/Kampf in Spanien (37)

A zivot jde dal (35) Die Geissel der Welt/Kampf in Spanien (37) Die grosse Zeit (38) Inspektor Tondi (52)

Jugend der Welt (36) Die Geissel der Welt/Kampf in Spanien (37) Die grosse Zeit (38)