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Hans Jacoby

1904 - 1963

The screenwriter Hans Jacoby wrote his first screenplay for the movie "Sensation im Wintergarten" (29) but this remained his last work for the German film business for the time being.

With the rise of the National Socialist began an indefinite journey. First he went to Spain where he was able to work as a screenwriter again, afterwards he went to Italy and France before he left Europe with the outbreak of World War II. He emigrated to the USA.
Before he went to the USA he wrote several other screenplays for productions like "Dona Francisquita" (34), "La Millona" (36), "Tarakanova" (37), "Gibralter" (38) and "Sans lendemain" (40).

He continued his film career in the USA and he wrote the screenplays for movies with lower budgets. To these works belong "The Amazing Mrs. Holliday" (42), "Tarzan and the Amazons" (44), "Tarzan and the Slave Girl" (49) and "Sirocco" (51).

When Hans Jacoby returned to Germany he experienced the height of his film career as a screenwriter and he wrote the scripts for many popular movies.
To these works belong "Bildnis einer Unbekannten" (54), "Der tolle Bomberg" (57), "Vater sein dagegen sehr" (57), "Es geschah am hellichten Tag" (58), "Der Mann, der nicht nein sagen konnte" (58), "Menschen im Hotel" (59), "Ein Mann geht durch die Wand" (59), "Das Totenschiff" (59), "Der brave Soldat Schwejk" (60), "Das schwarze Schaf" (60), "Der Lügner" (61) and "Es war mir ein Vergnügen" (63).
In many of this movie the famous Heinz Rühmann impersonated the leading role.

Other movies from Hans Jacoby:
Dezembernacht (39) Tars and Spars (45) Tarzan's Savage Fury (52) Rummeplatz der Liebe (53) Stranger from Venus (54) Die Halbzarte (58) Mit Himbeergeist geht alles besser (60) Max, der Taschendieb (61) Strasse der Verheissung (62) Axel Munthe – Der Arzt von San Michele (62) Ein fast anständiges Mädchen (63)