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Toni Impekoven

1881 - 1947

The actor and author Toni Impekoven began his stage career in Cologne, it followed engagements in Berlin like the cabaret "Überbrettl" and the Lustspielhaus and in Frankfurt.

Toni Impekoven was not only a popular comedian, he also became well-known as an author of numerous stage plays, among them "Narrenstreich" (09), "Die grüne Neune" (11), "Alles klappt" (14), "Hamlet in Krähwinkel" (24), "Der doppelte Moritz" (26) and "Das kleine Hofkonzert" (35).
Beside it he was also a stage designer. From 1945 to 1947 he was also the artistic director at the Schauspiel in Frankfurt.

Toni Impekoven already joined the film business in 1912 and he impersonated roles in the silent movie era for productions like "Im Rampenlicht" (12), "Schuldig" (13), "In Vertretung" (13), "Die Diva in Nöten" (14) and "Problematische Naturen" (15).
Afterwards it lasted 30 years before he appeared in front of the camera again for the last time for "Der stumme Gast" (45).

But the name Toni Impekoven remained also in memory with the film outside of his activity as an actor because numerous of his plays were adapted for the film.
To these movies belong "Das Ekel" (31), "Diener lassen bitten" (36), "Das Hofkonzert" (36), "Das Ekel" (39), "Das kleine Hofkonzert" (48), "Ein tolles Hotel2 (46), "Das Ekel" (57), "Der Haus-Tyrann" (59), "Das kleine Hofkonzert" (63), "Hofloge" (64), "Das Ekel" (69), "Otto der Treue" (77) and "Der doppelte Moritz" (77).

His sister was the actress Sabine Impekoven, his brother was the production designer Leo Impekoven.
His daughter Niddy Impekoven became a famous dancer and actress.