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Loo Holl

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

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The actress Loo Holl joined the film business in 1917 and in her first year she took part in the movies "Im Reiche der Flammen" (17), "Flüssiges Eisen" (17) and "Rätsel der Kassette" (17).

In the next years she impersonate other roles in the productions "Don Juans letztes Abenteuer" (18) with Ferdinand Bonn, Willy Grunwald's "Die siebente Grossmacht" (19) with Bruno Decarli and Hermann Picha, "Der Tempelräuber (19) with Bruno Decarli and "Rebellenliebe" (19)
Most of these movies were directed by Karl Heiland.

Her last cinematical works came in the 20s into being.
To her silent movies of those years belong "Das einsame Wrack/Das eiserne Wrack" (20) with Harry Liedtke, "Das Wüstengrab" (20) with Otto Gebühr and Theodor Loos, "Der Schatz der Azteken" (21) with Otto Gebühr and Theodor Loos, playing the role of Eilen Garden in "Hapura, die tote Stadt" (22) with Hugo Flink and Maria Forescu, "Die japanische Maske" (22), "Der Seeteufel" (23) with Harry Liedtke and Kurt Middendorf, "Bushido" (26), as Eva Lang in "Die weisse Geisha" (26) with La Jana and Irene Ambrus as well as "Das Rätsel der Borobudur" (26) with C.W. Tetting.
All these movies were directed by Karl Heiland again.

Both Loo Holl as well as her main director Karl Heiland ended their film career in 1926.