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Heinz Hanus

1882 - 1972

The directorHeinz Hanus began his professional life as a silk designer and architectural dratsman before he dedicated to the stage acting. He belong toe the first Austrian filmmakers and he already shot his first movie "Von Stufe zu Stufe" (08) in 1908. For this movie he was responsible as a director, screenwriter, editor and actor. However there is no proof today that the movie had ever been released.

In the next years followed few more movies as a director with "Das Bartwuchsmittel" (10) and "Wien im Krieg" (16) and he also appeared again as an actor in "König Menelaus im Kino" (13).

Heinz Hanus worked regularly in the film business from 1919 and he directed the movies "Der Idiot" (19), "Wie Satan starb" (20), "Pastorale" (21), "William Ratcliff" (22), "Das weisse Paradies" (24), "Der Rastelbinder" (26) and "Andere Frauen" (28).

As a former stage actor he also took part again in some movies during the 20s like "Die heiratsfähige Puppe" (25) and "Die Brandstifter Europas" (26). His last cinematical work in front of the camera came into being with "Csibi, der Fratz" (34).

His brother was the movie director Emmerich Hanus.

Other movies from Heinz Hanus (Director):
Kovac raspela (19) Zwischen 12 und 1 (20) Unter der Knute des Schicksals (21) Das Weib des Irren (21) Gevatter Tod (21) Fatmes Errettung (22) Homo sum (22) Schöne wilde Welt (23) Frauen aus der Wiener Vorstadt (25) Der Ober vom Münchnerhof (27) Ein Radiotraum (29)

Wien im Krieg (16) Zwischen 12 und 1 (20) Pastorale (21) Das Weib des Irren (21) Fatmes Errettung (22)