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Heinz Gordon

1871 - 1944

The writer and actor Heinz Gordon began his career at the theater where he appeared regularly from 1892.
After numerous engagements at different theaters he went to Milwaukee in 1900 where he also was busy on stage.

When he returned to Germany he gained a foothold in Berlin where he continued his stage career.

Heinz Gordon already took part in his first movie in 1913 with "In Vertretung" (13) for which he also wrote the screeplay.
As an actor he also appeared in front of the camera for "Eine Walzernacht" (17), afterwards he concentrated his activity as a screenwriter.
To his screenplays belong "Wie werde ich Amanda los?" (15), "Er bleibt in der Familie" (20), "Die Boxerbraut" (26), "Gustav Mond, Du gehst so stille" (28) and "Don Juan in der Mädchenschule" (28).

At the beginning of the 30s he acted again in few movies, among them "Zwei in einem Auto" (32), "Das schöne Abenteuer" (32) and "Wie sag' ich's meinem Mann?" (32).
His last works as a screenwriter came also at the beginning of the 30s into being with "Drei Tage Mittelarrest" (32), "Kampf" (32) and "Kind, ich freu' mich auf Dein kommen" (33).

His career in Germany ended in 1933. As a Jew he was no longer able to work still he remained in Berlin. But in 1942 Heinz Gordon and his wife were deported to Theresienstadt where he perished in 1944.

Other movies from Heinz Gordon:
Im stillen Ozean (17) In der Heimat, da gibt's ein Wiedersehn! (26) Peter der Matrose (29) Wie sag' ich's meinem Mann? (32)