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Curt Goetz

Foto: Alexander Binder (1888-1929)

1888 - 1960

The actor and writer Curt Goetz made especially a name for his humorous stories. Many of his books were used for movies, beside it he was also pulled near for the adaption of scripts.

Curt Goetz began his acting career at the theater where he got first engagements in 1907. From 1911 he also wrote successfully plays which were also filmed in later years ("Hokuspokus" (30), "People Will Talk - Dr. med Hiob Prätorius" (51), "Minna Magdalena" (53), "Der Lampenschirm" (61), "Das Haus in Montevideo" (63), "Die Tote von Beverly Hills" (64), "Herbst" (68), "Das Märchen" (76) and "Ingeborg" (81)).

His film career started already in 1912 when he was in evidence as an actor in "Schwarzes Blut". In the following years he appeared in many further silent movies like "Nur nicht heiraten" (15), "Gefangene Seele" (17), "Graf Sylvains Rache" (19), "Die Dame in Schwarz" (20) and "Alles für Geld" (23).
For the movie "Friedrich Schiller" (23) - for which he especially founded the Kurt-Götz-Film-Compagnie GmbH - he made also his debut as a director.

Curt Goetz retired from the film business after that and concentrated to his theater career. Together with his second wife Valerie von Martens,who he got married in 1923, and with the actors Hermann Vallentin and Walter Steinbeck he went on jorney for guest performances. 
He wrote his biggest success in 1925, the crime comedy "Hokuspokus".

At the beginning of the talkies didn't appear as an actor but as a screenwriter, especially his witty dialogues for "Glückskinder" (36) and "Sieben Ohrfeigen" (37) were classic examples for his humorous talent. 
Curt Goetz continued his actor career in 1938 when he played under his own direction and script in the movie "Napoleon ist an allem schuld".

Curt Goetz had together with his wife to emigrate to the USA in 1939. There he soon became a coauthor of scripts, among others for the Greta Garbo movie "Two Faced Woman - Die Frau mit den zwei Gesichtern" (41).
In 1946 he returned to Europe and settled in Switzerland. He had still great successes with his own plays like "Das Haus in Montevideo", which was a success at the theater as well as a film adaption.

Other movies with Curt Goetz (Actor, Writer):
Der Mann ohne Kopf (16) Der Hund mit dem Monokel (16) Fliegende Schatten (16) Katinka (18) Ich möchte kein Mann sein (18) Fantasie des Aristide Caré (18) Die Drei von Halls (18) Die nach Glück und Liebe suchen (18) Der Schmuck der Gräfin (19) Die beiden Gatten der Frau Ruth (19) Das Skelett des Herrn Markutius (20) Tragödie der Liebe (23) Land der Liebe (37) Frauenarzt Dr. Prätorius (49) Cheaper by the Dozen - Im Dutzend billiger (50) Das Haus in Montevideo (51) Der Hund im Hirn (53) Hokuspokus (53) Ingeborg (60)