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Josef Giampietro

Picture Josef Giampietro

1866 - 1913

Josef Giampietro belonged to the top earner of the German variety theater and together with Alexander Girardi belonged the two Austrians to the superstars in that epoch.

Josef Giampietro knew like no one else how to caricature his time, both as a Prussian and an Austrian officer. In the empire he was famous for his refrain "Donnerwetter, Donnerwetter, diese Kerle. Jeder einzelne von ihnen eine Perle! Donnerwetter, Donnerwetter, tadellos!

His first movie came in about 1907 into being with "Komm, Du kleines Kohlemädchen" (07) with Fritzi Massary. In 1909 Josef Giampietro acted as leading actor in the movie "Don Juan heiratet" (09) where he impersonated the role with vain nobility. His ex-wifes chased him in a wild pursuit and eventually hunt him down.

But Josef Giampietro continued to celebrate his greatest successes on the stage, for true artistically demanding movies the time wasn't mature yet.
He acted together with the up-and-coming Fritzi Massary at the Metropol. Before he was engaged by Max Reinhardt but thought, that he couldn't develop there and went to Schultz's Metropol as acharacter comedian.

Josef Giampietro was a conspicuous actor who reminded the audience to a satirical joker because of his very skinny appearance with stand-up collar, silktie and walking stick. The figure seemed to come directly from the real life.
He controlled the stage with his fantastic comic.

Josef Giampietro attracted also attention in his private life. Although he wasn't of an impressive beauty he was regarded as the best suited ladykiller of the city. And when he went for a walk with his noble dogs in the Tiergarten, all passers-by turned to the illustrate group.

But before the film got out of his infancy, the great comedian died and got lost for a new rising medium.

Source: Der Tagesspiegel 1998