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Wolfgang Geiger

1875 - 1961

The screenwriter and actor Wolfgang Geiger began his career as an actor at the theater and he appeared on stages in Salzburg, Bad Ischl and Vienna. At the Theater an der Wien he was also the deputy director.

Wolfgang Geiger got in touch with the film business in 1912 for the first time when he supported Max Reinhardt with the realisation of the movie "Das Mirakel" (12).
He wrote his first screenplays in 1919 for "Die Insel der Glücklichen" (19), "Die Ehe der Frau Mary" (19) and "Das ewige Rätsel" (19).

In the same year he also realised his first movie as a director with "Wolkenbau und Flimmerstern" (19). For this movie he also wrote the script. But this movie was his only movie as a director.

He wrote few more screenplays at the beginning of the 20s for the silent movies "Das Haupt des Juarez" (20), "Die Augen der Maske" (20), "Die Dreizehn aus Stahl" (21), "Marizza, genannt die Schmuggler-Madonna" (22) and "Dämon Zirkus" (23).

After a longer interruption he wrote his only script for a sound film with "Das Lied der Nationen" (31).